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How to pick a Fertility Clinic in India to get well-organized infertility treatment?


fertility clinic,fertility clinic India,infertility treatment,infertility treatment India You can get your well-organized infertility treatment at various Fertility Clinics in India at Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi at a reasonable price. We at, Indian Medguru Group help our clients to find the latest and most complete information about each licensed fertility clinic in India, helping them decide which fertility clinic in India best suits their treatment needs. To make your time spent in India for medical treatment hassle-free we have appointed official Travel Managers. They work round-the-clock to make your stay comfortable, facilitating a home-away-from-home experience, be it receiving you at the airport, hotel bookings, local transport, ticketing and visa support, sight-seeing or just helping you pick a last-minute gift for your family back home. From the time you arrive in India, up till the time of your departure our team will ensure that your time is efficiently spent, pre and post treatment.

How to choose Fertility clinic in India?

When making a choice about the best Fertility clinic for your needs, there are a number of issues to consider -

  • The Fertility clinic’s location
  • How convenient is it for you to go there for treatment? If you opt for a Fertility clinic that is further away, you may be able to have certain treatments carried out at a local hospital.

First appearances of Fertility clinics

  • When you contact or visit the Fertility clinic, reach an opinion about how you feel in the Fertility clinic and about the way the staff treats you.
  • Ask lots of questions, (bring a written list with you) so you feel fully informed and comfortable with the treatment they are recommending for you.
  • If possible, talk to other patients to hear their personal experiences of the Fertility clinic.

fertility treatment,fertility treatment India Fertility clinic eligibility -

  • Some Fertility clinics only take couples under a certain age and only some welcome single women. Contact your shortlist of possible Fertility clinics to find out if you are eligible for treatment there.

What is the Fertility clinic’s cancellation policy? 

  • Find out how many cycles of treatment are allowed before trying another or stopping treatment altogether.

Success rates -

  • How successful is the Fertility clinic treating women in your age group?  And how many women of your age do they treat?

Embryo transfer policy -

Fertility clinics can replace up to two embryos at each attempt of IVF (or up to three if you are aged 40 or over and using your own eggs). What is the rate of multiple births for the Fertility clinic? How do you feel about this, and the risks associated with multiple births?

Recommended Questions to asking a Fertility Clinic

  • How long has the fertility clinic's medical director been there? How long have the doctors and technicians been there? High staff turnover can be a sign of bad management and can contribute to mistakes. 
  • Which procedures do you do, and how often? Be sure the Fertility clinic has a wide range of infertility remedies available and is familiar with the latest technology, such as something called blastocyst transfer. 
  • Do you have age limits for treatment? If so, it's a good sign that the Fertility clinic is concerned about ethical issues. 
  • When you do an advanced procedure that involves fertilizing the eggs outside the woman and then planting them inside her, who decides how many eggs go back in -- the doctor or patient? Steering away from a Fertility clinic that gives complete control to the doctor is recommended. This is important because the more eggs planted, the greater the chance for multiple births. 
  • How many cycles per year do you do?
  • What does treatment cost? While you don't want to choose strictly on price, it's good to know costs ahead of time so you know what you're getting into. Beware of Fertility clinics that offer a money-back guarantee if you don't get pregnant -- the doctor may have a financial incentive to treat you more aggressively than you want.
  • If you call the Fertility clinic and they say they're too busy to answer your questions, try elsewhere. They may not have time for your questions once you're a patient, either.

infertility clinics,infertility clinics India The goal of fertility treatment is to assist couples who are having difficulty conceiving a child. Whether issues of infertility are troubling the male or female in the relationship, fertility treatment can help these couples conceive and carry a child to term. When considering fertility treatment in India - as with any treatment abroad - it is vital to get a breakdown of the expenses for the procedures from initial consultation to insemination, and to get this in writing.  Also ask what the fees include, and ask about the assistant's fees, the cost of anaesthesia, charges for theatre and hospitalisation and any follow-up visits.  It is also vital to check the hospital/clinic/doctor's accreditation.  

Fertility clinics in India are certified and the infertility treatment available here is affordable. Various Fertility clinics in India use the most modern techniques to ensure best results. Various doctors / surgeons / physician working at these Fertility clinics in India are highly experienced and have good success rate to their credit.

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