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Dr. Vivek Prithviraj Soni

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai M.D.S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, M.D.S. Orthodontia, L.L.M, F.P.F.A., F.I.C.C.D.E., F.I.C.D., P.G.D.H.A., F.I.C.S. (USA), Ph.D.

Dr Vivek Prithviraj Soni, graduated in Dentistry and completed his Ph.D in Law from University of Bombay. Apart from general dentistry, Dr Vivek Prithviraj Soni has specialized research experience in Electromyography of jaw muscles, Developing Instrument for Measuring bite force, Evaluating various methods of correlation of Jaw deformities, Helping in Developing Designs of Bone Plates for fractures of facial region etc. He has also attended various advanced courses like Straight wire Appliance course conducted by Dr. Wick Alexander, Tip Edge Appliance course conducted by Dr. Richard Parkhouse, Use of Luhr System Bone Plates in Management of Facial Trauma, Hands on course on Dental Implantology.

Professional Qualifications & Fellowship

  1. M. D. S. (Bombay) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1987
  2. M.D.S. (Bombay) Orthodontia in 1990 Double Post Graduate in Dentistry Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration University of Mumbai, 1995 Master of Law (L.L.M.) University of Mumbai, 1999 Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Law Fellow of Pierre Fauchard Academy Fellow of International College of Continuing Dental Education Fellow of International College of Dentists Fellow of International College of Surgeons

Honours & Awards:

  1. Keki Mistry Gold Medal (1985)
  2. Plaque award by International College of Dentists for Best Outstanding student of the year award (1985)
  3. Menino D’Souza Best All rounder of the year award (1985)
  4. Nair Dental Best All Rounder of the year Award (1985)
  5. Indumati Jhaveri Scholarship (1985)
  6. Dinshaw Vacha Scholarship (1985)
  7. B.P. Shahani Scholarship (1985)
  8. Hindustan Cibe Geigy award for standing 1st in Periodontia (1985)
  9. Bhajiwala trophy for Orthodontia and Pedodontia (1985)
  10. Nair Silver Jubilee Scholarship (1985)
  11. V.M. Desai Scholarship (1985)
  12. Mahadevan Research Award at the conference of the International College of Surgeons held at Juhu Marriott (2006)
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