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Dr. S. Pappachan
Dr. Saccharia Pappachan has become a living legend starting from a virtually humble agricultural family to become a household name in the world for the childless.

Born in a family of seven and being the eldest Dr. Pappachan, now fondly called as just Doctor went to an ordinary school and with a clear cut vision in mind chose zoology as his subject so as to pave the way to join Medicine, through an entrance test and succeeded in getting an admission on merit. Doctor’s academic history has been a masterpiece performance in being the topper in any examination that he undertook. It was impossible to guess the real broad vision Dr. Pappachan had in mind even to his colleagues or near ones. When he discontinued Government Service it was a part of his mission which the Doctor often mentions even today “a child for every family”.

Starting up a Hospital on Infertility in a location far from prominent locations did have no deterrent effect on Dr. Pappachan’s mind or grit. Thus the foundation for Lifeline Hospital came to its shape and has become a landmark be it in proffesionalism, quality or patient friendliness.

One visit to Lifeline is an experience beyond par , at every nook and corner an expectant mother wants to tell her story and is all praise and devotion to her Doctor.Some of them are over postmenopausal who had given up the hope of ever having an offspring.

To write about Dr.Pappachan and his achievements is no mean task. He has too many credits and a number of milestones for the Lifeline, which boasts of the of the only hospital of its kind in India.

With too many feathers on his cap Dr. Pappachan is an epitome of humility, he has time for everyone. Well supported by his lady wife Mrs.Daisy Pappachan, he puts in over 17 to 18 hours a day. Following his footsteps his children too have taken up medicine as their profession.

Dr. Pappachan has been to a number of countries, presented papers earned a collection of degrees but the greatest qualification he has and will always have, is that there would never be a childless couple when Lifeline is a stones throw away.

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