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Economical Thyroidectomy surgery at Hyderabad in India

“Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his entire medical staff had been very caring and attentive to me during my EconomicalThyroidectomy surgery at Hyderabad in India. I had a big mass on my neck for a  very long time. It was hyperthyroidism disorder. I was very much disturbed by it. I consulted my family doctor in Nigeria. He tried his best but was unable to cure it with medication procedures. He himself suggested me to find a surgeon in India but also told me that I could get treatment in India at a low cost. The name of Indianmedguru came in front of my eyes after an extensive search and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani agreed to treat my case by one of his surgeons working at Hyderabad. After sending my initial medical checkup reports I repared myself for getting Thyroidectomy surgery at Hyderabad in India as it was really economical and I had no tension of hospitalization and medical care as Indianmedguru had already talked in advance to the hospital authorities about my arrival. Dr. Bojwani explained me everything related to my surgery. It was really nice talking to him! I flew to India with my brother. My brother really wanted to see India. We stayed for 3 days during the procedure of my Thyroidectomy surgery at Hyderabad in India. Indianmedguru consultants arranged rooms for both me and my brother. I was pleased with all the medical arrangements done by them. Everything was satisfactory when I met the surgeon and found him to be very kind experienced and caring. After meeting with him, my fear regarding the surgery was gone in a second. At the hospital, I saw many other foreign patients coming from western destinations for getting treatment. There were patients from different corners of the world as the surgery cost in India was relatively half as compared to that of US and UK. Thyroidectomy surgery at Hyderabad in India restored good health to me and gave me a new and happy life. I offer my heartiest gratitude to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru”


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