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Economical hypospadias surgery at Mumbai in India

“I am Jack from Australia and I want to tell you about my baby’s Economical hypospadias surgery at Mumbai in India which was provided at an economical cost. When my wife gave birth to a child we were very much happy. But the baby had some abnormalities. He had an abnormal appearance of foreskin and penis, abnormal direction of urine streams, the end of the penis was curved downward. Doctor suggested us to undergo hypospadias surgery for our baby. We were very much disturbed by the condition of our new born baby. It was really a very tensed condition for us. Also the cost of the surgery was very high. It was also a big problem for us. Then the doctor forwarded our child’s case to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and he gave us dates to  fly to India for our child’s hypospadias surgery at Mumbai in India, as it was available their  at low cost. We were very much worried about our baby! We contacted to the indianmedguru consultants in India. Dr. Bojwani made us sure about the recovery of our baby. We felt somewhat relaxed after talking to him. When we arrived India for hypospadias surgery at Mumbai, we were picked at the airport by the Indianmedguru consultants on the instructions of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. We met with the recommended surgeon there and asked all our queries. The surgeon answered all our queries very frankly and nicely. Now after the surgery our baby was all right without any abnormality. We were very much impressed by the work of the surgeon, also the services and the care provided by the hospital staff was outstanding. We are thankful from our heart to the surgeon Indianmedguru and Dr.bojwani for all the precious care during hypospadias surgery at Mumbai in India that gave good results to  our child and now he has got a healthy future.”


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