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Best liposuction surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India

“I  am happy to get a good quality cosmetic surgery procedure from the best liposuction surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India with the help of Indianmedguru. I was very much depressed by the bad contour of my body. Like everyone I also had a wish to look beautiful, but my obesity was a big barrier to it. I was just unable to climb stairs, to run, to walk , everything was very tedious for me just because of being fat. I left the hope of being well. I was in a big depression those days. My cousin sister told me about Indianmedguru in India. She was sure about getting a good surgeon in India so she asked me to consult with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani as she had already seen his articles and other publishings on the internet many times. I searched on the net and found Indianmedguru consultants. The package they were offering for surgery was very affordable to me as the surgery rates were almost half the rates as compared with  US and UK. So, I decided to have my cosmetic surgery  in  India. I flew  to India after an initial medical consultaion for a week with Dr. Bojwani and he arranged my surgery from the best liposuction surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India. The Indianmedguru consultants were very much concerned about their work. The symmetry and balance they gave to their work was really very impressive. Everyone in India was very helpful and the surgeon in particular was extremely attentive and caring  to me. The nurses made sure that my recovery went smoothly and were always there to answer any questions that I had. I was so happy with the outcome of my cosmetic surgery performed by the best liposuction surgeons at a hospitals of Bangalore in India. I didn’t have to worry that I was in a foreign country as everyone in India was very much friendly. I want to thank Indianmedguru consultants, the surgeon and the whole staff for the wonderful treatment that I received before, during and after my liposuction procedurefrom the best liposuction surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India. The surgeon who attended me was really an extremely talented surgeon. Thank you Indianmedguru for all for your compassion and care shown to me.”

Mrs. Hussain

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