Fortis Hospital Mumbai save Iraq Patient Life Suffering from Brain Tumor in India

By | December 23, 2016

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Hello, Let me introduce myself and share my experience of my life saver from brain cancer at Fortis Hospital Mumbai with Indian Medguru Consultants. I am Ihsan Hamzah Deli from Iraq and I got my surgery at the brain tumor hospital in India at Fortis Hospital through Indian Medguru Consultants. I am grateful to get assistance through your service provider for arranging the brain cancer surgery at best Fortis Hospital Mumbai.

Basically, I am firm believer that exercises helps with every aspect of life as it’s the ultimate stress reliever that also helps to keep myself in shape. A few years ago, I came home back from work and wasn’t feeling right for the past two-three weeks. Although everything appeared normal on the surface, but suddenly my hands started shaking and I started slurring my words. I ended up waking several minutes later only to find my mom and dad along with paramedics getting me up from the floor. I ended up having a seizure and was rushed to the hospital and was stabilized. The staff took an MRI and discovered a brain cancer and stated that it was beyond their scope to take care.

“My doctor recommended us to get the surgery at Fortis Hospital Mumbai which is best brain tumor hospital in India.”

My parents came to know about this leading service provider, Indian Medguru Consultants offering assistance to the global patients to get their surgery. Soon, they contacted them and the executive on the phone asked to send the MRI scan reports and my medical history so that their panel of medical experts could provide the best medical opinion for my condition. We got a call from them within 48 hours informing about the best treatment options and also explaining about what to expect during this entire medical trip to India. They helped us understand about their role in arranging our medical trip by sending the medical visas, flight ticket bookings, to and fro transportation at the airport, food, accommodation, appointment at Fortis Hospital Mumbai.

We got a confirmation from them and given the operation date at the brain tumor hospital in India. We also had conversation with the brain tumor specialist who told us that I would need to be in the hospital for about 1-2 weeks post surgery and I could potentially be facing temporary numbness that will likely to go past a month or two of rehabilitation.

An official who was a gentleman gave a warm welcome at the airport and escorted us to the brain tumor hospital in India. The doctor met us and again explained us about the entire procedure which reduced our anxieties and worries before the surgery. He was a kind person and very down to earth. My surgery commenced as per the schedule and by the afternoon, it was completed. The surgeon stated that my surgery appeared to be successful. We all were relieved post surgery and I was ready to be on the road to recovery since I was to undergo the rehab. The staff at Fortis Hospital Mumbai was optimistic, very caring and made us feel quite comfortable. Post three weeks from the surgery, we went to the surgeon for the follow-up visit. I extend my gratefulness to the surgeon at brain tumor hospital in India.

“Fortis Hospital Mumbai and the team of Indian Medguru Consultants for arranging a hassle brain cancer surgery for me.”

Thanking You,

Ihsan Hamzah Deli,


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