How can I get Best IVF Treatment in Mumbai?

By | December 13, 2017

IVF Treatment in Mumbai : Overview

IVF treatment in Mumbai is fertilization in glass or test tube baby that has provided relief to the couples who are unable to conceive. The best IVF treatment in Mumbai is a treatment option if you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, unsuccessful with other techniques such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or fertility drugs, fallopian tubes are blocked, or thee is a major degree of male sub fertility.

With the increasingly improved techniques, the IVF has come a long way in India. During the IVF process, the eggs are removed from ovaries and fertilized with sperms in laboratory while the fertilized egg is later placed in woman’s womb.

Indian Medguru Consultants offer the best IVF treatment in Mumbai at the best IVF hospitals in Mumbai. Our group provides all services needed for the fertility treatment from the best IVF doctors in Mumbai with higher success rate.

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Best IVF Doctors in Mumbai With High Success Rates

1. Dr. Firuza Parikh

The gynaecologist at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, has completed her under graduation and post graduate medical education at KEM Hospital and Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai. Further she was trained at Yale University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral researcher in the Reproductive Medicine for four years. Dr. Parikh has a distinguished career with several first ranks and gold medals. After returning to India, she set up and headed the first IVF centre in private hospital, Jaslok Hospital in 1989 and within a year it was hailed as an outstanding international centre that began receiving patients from 35 different nations and every state of India for best IVF treatment in Mumbai. Book an instant appointment with Dr. Firuza Parikh Email address – .

2. Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

Dr. Hrishikesh Pai heads the expert team of Fortis IVF Bloom. Besides being a MD gold medalist at the University of Mumbai and Masters of Science in Clinical Embryology and Andrology from Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA, Dr. Pai has also been the recipient of the Best Doctor award from the Indian Medical Association, Navshakti award for yeomen service in medicine and Rashtriya Ekta Award and Jai Hind College alumni award. With an experience of 26 years in the field of IVF, he has been academically and professional active. To book a quick appointment with Dr. Hrishikesh Pai contact number at +91-9370586696.

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Which is the Best IVF Hospitals in Mumbai?

1. Jaslok Hospital Mumbai

One of the oldest multi-specialty and tertiary care hospitals in India, this hospital was established as an ultra modern centrally located medical centre to provide quality healthcare to all abroad patients in Mumbai. The main aim of the hospital is to provide benefits of the advanced healthcare to all races and creeds of people. Fill up the Quick Inquiry to get appointment for best IVF treatment in Mumbai at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre.

2. Lilavati Hospital Mumbai

A super specialty and state of the art hospital in Mumbai, there are 300 beds at this hospital. It also has highly trained medical professionals, nurses, technical and administrative personal providing comprehensive treatments along with efficient diagnosis. Fill up the Quick Inquiry form and schedule your appointment at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.

Best IVF Treatment Package Selection in Mumbai

The best IVF Treatment Package Selection in Mumbai by Indian Medguru Consultants will provide you with significant cost savings. IVF treatment will cost you around $3000 in India while it will cost $11,000 in the USA.

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What Benefits you may cover with Indian Medguru Consultants

With Indian Medguru Consultants, we cover the following benefits:

  • Arrange your best IVF treatment in Mumbai
  • Provide flexible and cost effective treatment packages without compromising the quality of treatment
  • Arrange your medical visa letter, flight ticket bookings, transport, meals, stay, etc.
  • Avoid waiting times for treatment
  • Significant savings with the affordable cost IVF treatments
  • Arrange recuperation holidays post treatment

Call +91-9370586696 or Send your query to to get assistance with best IVF treatment in Mumbai with Indian Medguru Consultants for all International patients.

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