How to Choose the Best Doctors in India?

By | July 29, 2016


When it comes to choose the best doctors in India, chances are you spend a lot more time worrying about your partner, kids or parents than yourself. Most of us think we are strong enough to soldier through the occasional cold and need not have to see a doctor for it. However, the truth is we all need to visit a doctor regularly to achieve overall better care. This will also help you easily get an appointment at short notice period which is quite reassuring on day to day health queries. It is especially crucial if you have a serious health crisis.

Finding a doctor before you get sick is important now and you should first of all check with the experience of the doctor, look for an organised and friendly office staff and also the ability to collaborate well with you after all it is your body and health. Start by asking your friends and family about the names of their favourite doctors. As per a recent surgery, doctors ranked getting a recommendation from their family or friends as the most valuable way to choose the best doctors in India. You can also consider checking an online doctor-ranking website. Keep in mind that the opinions from others may be a good gauge of a doctor’s bedside manner but it may not be necessarily a way to measure their medical ability. Patients are raved about the care and professionalism of the doctor providing treatment and surgeries in India.


Check out their credentials; there is no need to limit yourself to the doctors who have graduated from the fanciest medical school, hospital where they did their residency and where they practice. Instead you can look for a doctor who is board certified and affiliated with a reputed hospital. Academic hospitals do better in terms of providing safety and positive outcomes for the patients when compared to the unaffiliated community hospitals. You should assess the quality of hospitals in India before choosing the best doctors in India.

You can find out more key details about the prospective doctor and check for yourself if the staff are nice and professional. You can call them and see for yourself how they greet you; in this way you can know if he/she runs a practice where the patients are treated with respect. You should also feel comfortable with the doctor under whom you decide to get your treatment. According to a recent study, patients who had empathetic and engaged doctors felt more supported and were able to take charge of their own well-being better. He/she should take time to listen to the patient.

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