Vaginal Brachytherapy Low Cost For Uterine Cancer in India

By | August 30, 2016

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The term Cancer can be dreadful to hear, however, with modern procedures and treatment options, one can get rid of the same. One of the forms of cancer includes the uterine cancer and one of the ways of fixing comes in the form or Brachytherapy. The procedure of Brachytherapy is among the recently added radiation therapy meant to treat cancer. It is basically meant to fix the different kinds of tumours and kill cancer cells along with shrinking tumours.  Unlike any external beam therapy that happen to be a high energy x ray beams that are developed by machines are directed at the tumor that come from outside the body, this procedure helps in placing the radioactive material directly inside the tumor. It is also known as internal radiation therapy that helps the doctors to employ higher total dose of radiation for treating smaller areas in a shorter duration of time rather than the external radiation treatment option. For global patients coming from African nations to India the Brachytherapy and Uterine cancer can be the best bet for them.

Types of Vaginal Brachytherapy

When it comes to Brachytherapy, there are three types that come as under:

  • Intracavitary Treatment : It uses the radioactive implants that are placed inside our body cavities like uterus or vagina.
  • Interstitial Treatment : The radioactive implants are simply placed directly over the tumour and can be seen staying in the patient permanently.
  • Unsealed Internal Radiation Therapy : In this procedure you need a medication containing radioactive materials that is injected over the vein or into a body cavity.

IndianMedguru Vaginal Brachytherapy Treatment

The Brachytherapy and Uterine Cancer is Further Categorised in the following Two Ways:

  • Permanent Brachytherapy : It is also known as the low dose rate Brachytherapy wherein the doctor employs implants known as pellets/seeds. These are of small size unlike a rice or grain, while the implants are seen inserting directly inside the hollow and thin needles. The implants are simply left over the place after the radiation has been utilised and the small size simply causes a bit of discomfort.
  • Temporary Brachytherapy : In this procedure the surgeon uses implants that are removed once the treatment is done. The implants like hollow needles, catheters, or balloons filled with fluid are being inserted close to the cancer area for a period of time and then are removed.

Vaginal Brachytherapy Procedure

Vaginal Brachytherapy Procedure

When it comes to Brachytherapy for Uterine cancer, it is often carried out on an outpatient basis that simply means you are not supposed to remain in the hospital during the night and can go home once the procedure is done. The actual procedure would take around an hour that means you are free to leave once the procedure is carried out. A majority of people would get spinal anaesthesia that simply means that you happen to be numb over the waist down or you get medication for the drowsy feelings.  The needles are inserted by the doctor over the skin in between the rectum and scrotum to fix the cancer. In the end, the catheter is then placed over the bladder of the women to help in passing the urine in order to get the quick recovery.

Vaginal Brachytherapy Treatment in India

Vaginal Brachytherapy Treatment in India

Of late the idea of getting healthcare services including the Brachytherapy in India has become popular. The country has become the hub of healthcare for global patients as they get modern medical treatment facilities with great care and professionalism apart from the affordability element. The African nations like Nigeria, Sudan and other nations lack behind in terms of healthcare bringing them to India. The hospitals and doctors in India are par to the ones found in the developed nations but the cost of the Brachytherapy and Uterine cancer with Indian Medguru is very much less than the US and other developed nations. Thus all these factors propel the industry of medical tourism to a new level.

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