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Dr. Bela Jain
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Dr. Bela Jain

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About Dr. Bela Jain Dr. Bela S.Jain is committed to excellence in not only diagnosis & treatment, but overall patient care as well.She is affiliated with the following organizations: * Fellow, Pierre Fauchard Academy, U.S.A (FPFA) * Fellow, International College of Dentists, U.S.A (F.I.C.D) * Fellow, World Federation of Orthodontists,U.S.A (FWFO) * Life Member, Indian Dental Association * Life Member, Indian Orthodontic Society * Member, American Association of Orthodontists U.S.A(AAO) * Member, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine U.S.A * SPECIALISTS AVAILABLE: Orthodontist Implantologist Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon Cosmetic Dentist Prosthodontist General Dentist Peridontist Pedodontist Endodontist "THE CLINIC" has been in place since 1984 and has completed more than 20 years of service in excellence where people come for treatment not only from India but from all over the world.

Now that the global borders are shrinking and India is being recognized for its excellent work in all fields including the medical surgical and dental fields. We have adapted to provide quality Dental health care at a fraction of the International cost. It is located near Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Rajinder Nagar in the central part of New Delhi, India. Situated in one of the prime locations of the capital, reaching us from railway stations, bus stops and airports by means of cabs is CONVENIENT.We recognize the fact that the needs of everyone is different and a genuine effort is made to accommodate everybody's needs.Dentistry is undergoing enormous changes at the present time and all its fields are in the very forefront of its transformation so we here at "The Clinic" have discarded what is outdated and what is new is incorporated. Only the best information and technologies survive to guide our practice and reach out to you in the most unhurried, caring and warm ambience.

Though we are equipped with multiple dental chair units still we believe in ONE TO ONE SPECIAL CARE one at a time and preferably on time, your time is as valuable to us as our own. We make sure that you are completely comfortable before we begin.To give you the undivided full attention we shall appoint you at a time when we are not in a rush of patients. We will discuss and recommend dental treatment for you keeping in mind the long-term benefits.We believe there are no short cuts to Quality Care.Our staff is very friendly and dedicated and we can boost of the fact that mostof our staff has been with us for last 15 years or more.We all work here because we enjoy it.

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