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Private health care by best urethroplasty surgeons at hospitals of bangalore in India

“I was really very shocked when the doctor told me that I had urethral strictures and I needed a Urethroplasty Surgery Thanks to the private healthcare provided to me by the best Urethroplasty Surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India as well as the 24/7 hours of medical support and care of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani that helped me to meet my expectations . I didn’t expect myself to from such a long term disease. Therefore I was very shocked. The big problem with me was that I was uninsured and the expenses of medical treatment offered by American surgeons didn’t meet my budget Therefore, I was in search of an affordable cost alternative. My family doctor suggested me to go to India for Urethroplasty surgery. I contacted Indianmedguru consultants in Indiaand talked to Dr.Bojwani. He made me feel at comfort by telling that foreign patients need not worry about insurance if they have made their mind to get medical treatment in India. After some days of my medical correspondence an experienced Urethroplasty Surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India called me and told me that Dr. Bojwani had talked about arranging a Urethroplasty Surgery in India for me at his hospital. I was told about the cost budget and the formalities for registration he expenses for medical treatment in India were pocket friendly so I agreed for coming to India. I flew to India for my surgery with my friend. We were received warmly at the airport by Indianmedguru Consultants who took us to the hospital in their well furnished 24/ service medical ambulance cum taxi. I was able to consult well with the surgeon about the recovery period of Urethroplasty Surgery. Right from my admission to final hospital discharge, the Indian medical staff utilized every minute for my benefit. After surgery by  the best urethroplasty surgeon at a hospital of bangalore in India I could feel the symptoms of health improvement.  I have nothing but praise for every aspect of the treatment. My speedy recuperation was due to the timely help of Dr.bojwani and his team. I am very much thankful to the best urethroplasty surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India who gave me such a fine medical recovery.”


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