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Ophthalmologist from Bangalore and Chennai provide Intraocular cataract surgery using latest technology

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cost cataract surgery, cost intraocular cataract surgery India, cost intraocular cataract surgery Mr. Okeke from Nigeria visited Bangalore for Intraocular cataract surgery in India as Ophthalmologists from Bangalore and Chennai are world renowned for the best treatment and results. Indian hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and gadgets required for Intraocular cataract surgery. He is sharing his experience of getting the surgery done in India at hospital of Bangalore.


I am Okeke from Nigeria. My vision was blurred for about 2 years before I decided to go to the Eye clinic for examination. From the initial appointment I came to know that I was having cataract problem but ultimately through my Intraocularcataract surgery in India, I received excellent service and professional care from the entire staff of Indian Medguru Group. I did contact Indian Medguru Group through its website which provided all the information I was looking for. Indian Medguru Group made all the arrangements for me to visit India for the Intraocularcataract surgery. Indian Medguru Group referred me to one of the best ophthalmologists in Bangalore for Intraocular cataract surgery.  I was picked from the Bangalore airport and was taken to the hotel. It was a three star hotel with all the amenities and luxury. They took the appointment of the best Ophthalmologists in Bangalore who initiated my treatment procedures.
The doctor decided to do Intraocular cataract surgery procedure. This procedure is used mainly for very advanced cataracts where the lens is too dense to dissolve into fragments (phacoemulsify). This technique required a larger incision so that the cataract could be removed in one piece without being fragmented inside the eye. An artificial intraocular lens was placed in the same capsular bag as with the phacoemulsification technique. This surgical technique required a various number of sutures to close the larger wound, and visual recovery was slower. Intraocular cataract surgery required an injection of numbing medication around the eye and an eye patch after surgery.

The procedure was quick and painless, just a small amount of scratchiness the first few hours, and that quickly knocked back with Tylenol and the eye drops prescribed. Care given by hospital staff helped allay my fears and made me less apprehensive about having a surgical procedure of my eyes. Doctor especially made me feel comfortable and calm during the operation. I was amazed that the Cataract surgery itself was done so quickly and efficiently. I was even able to have my second eye done within 3 days of the first eye, which I had never heard of from friends or family back in Nigeria. I would recommend the procedure to anyone needing it. If you have a cataract or vision problem, I highly recommend that you do not wait, but contact Indian Medguru Group in India. When you go there, you are in good hands from the very beginning to the end of your experience.  

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