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Dr. Monesh Shah and Dr. Jatin Shah

Dr. Monesh Shah is an obstetrician and gyneacologist by qualification who has specialized in the field of infertility treatment. He is a graduate from Bombay University having passed MBBS from Seth G.S. Medical college and KEM Hospital, Mumbai. During his residency years he worked under Dr. Indira Hinduja when India's first test-tube baby was born in 1987 at KEM Hospital. He was subsequently on the teaching faculty at various medical hospitals in Mumbai. He migrated to Pune inorder to associate with an international research project on maternal nutrition and foetal outcome. Due to keen a interest in the field of infertility treatment he started Mother Hope Fertility Clinic which offers state of the art treatment in the field of infertility.

Dr. Jatin Shah with whom Dr. Monesh Shah studied during the undergraduate and post-graduate years is a leading infertility specialist based at Mumbai. He has been running the Bombay fertility clinic & IVF Centre since 1993.

Dr. Jatin Shah, a graduate from the prestigious King Edward Memorial Hospital and an M.D. Gold medallist from the Bombay University.

He trained with Dr. Indira Hinduja and T.C. Anand Kumar, the pioneers of India’s first test tube baby and then joined the Hope Infertility Clinic, Bangalore as the Assistant Medical Director. He then established the Mumbai Fertility Clinic and IVF Centre in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Cochin, Agra and Bangladesh.

Having created more than 2500 test tube babies in India, Dr. Shah now plans to start an institute for comprehensive women’s care. Offering all services from puberty to menopause including obstetrics, gynecology and infertility management under one roof.

Both centers have been closely associated in all aspects of infertility management with continual exchanges, discussions and upgradation of knowledge and techniques on a regular basis.

MHFC offers a complete range of services related to the field of infertility. Basic investigations, blood tests, hormonal studies, transvaginal sonography, ovulation studies, sonosalpinography, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy etc are available under one roof.

Both male as well as female infertility related tests are available.

Treatments available include:

  • IUI : Intra-uterine insemination
  • Donor insemination

More than 240 patients have conceived since the start of the clinic and many have delivered to date with healthy normal babies.

The clinic exclusively caters to infertility patients with detailed information compilation, examination and investigations. Individualized treatments are suggested based on thorough evaluation. Experienced and expert medical advice is rendered at all stages of the treatment which itself is closely monitored with personal attention and care.

Results vary depending on the age of the wife, the etiology of infertility, the treatment technique and the quality of medicines used. These range from 25-60% and are comparable to the best available.


  Fertility Awareness  
  Recognising the changes in a woman‘s fertility cycle  
  Understanding ovulation and the viability of the egg  
  Understanding that sperm are viable for a number of days in optimum conditions  
  Using this knowledge to plan or avoid pregnancy and control fertility  
  More in IVF...  
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