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I came across Indianmedguru Consultants in India on Internet and, because I had been thinking about getting a tummy tuck and breast lift surgery, checked out the company on the web. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani a wonderful and competent young man who answered all my questions and helped me begin the process contacted me. It is now two months later and I am just recently back from India after having a wonderful vacation and receiving a great "new look."

The plastic surgeon has the highest credentials and performed a fine job with kindness and concern for my safety and comfort. Indianmedguru Consultants made sure I had good accommodations, a good personal driver and even someone to look in on me following surgery.

Following my three day stay in the hospital, I continued my recuperation at a good hotel for four nights and then moved again to a resort hotel right on the beach for five days before flying back home. While one might think because the cost of living is so much lower than in Texas., that the standards are too, but this is not so at all. The hotels were fine and equivalent to what you would find at a nice hotel here, but at a fraction of the cost. The people of India are the friendliest people I have ever met and I felt as safe there as I ever have anywhere. For me, a real bonus was that so many speak English! That makes everything so easy! India is a long way to go, but I don't have any regrets about going there for my surgery. I got to see a country I have never seen before, meet some wonderful people and have a great tummy tuck and breast implant surgery that I could not have afforded here in the Texas.



Mr George Paullard (from Cananda) who came to India for the the Colostomy Reversal Surgery. He had been operated in Canada for Colostomy as a result of Intestinal Diverticulitis.He was operated at the Wockhart Hospital Mumbai.

I a very happy to have contacted Dheeraj Bojwani for my surgery. I was recommended his name from a friend of mine who had got his surgery done in India through him. He answered all my questions very diligently and made it a point that I was at total ease with making my decision for getting the surgery in India. He even arranged a consultation for me with the surgeon in India. The surgeon whom I talked to was known to my primary care physician in Canada and that was what really boosted my confidence to travel to India.

Right from being met at the airport in the early hours of the morning the unmatchable care demonstrated by all the Nursing Staff, the beds being changed and the suite being cleaned daily by the boys, the friendliness approachability of the consultants and doctors, makes me unable to praise and thank them all sufficiently. I am prepared to allow anyone to contact me at any time to ask me questions about the events during my 20-day stay with them. My wife slept in the same suite as myself, which facility is available to husbands or wives, partners, relations etc so that the patient has support from a loved one. In closing the charges made were unmatchable in the Cananda.

Finally,if it wasn't for Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru -I would have not traveled to India.You have my best wishes - Dheeraj.


Mr Joginder Hooda and wife-from Ontario Canada- who came to India with their daughter to attend the Delhi Annual Marathon .The couple took a very comprehensive medical health checkup package plan in Apollo Indraprastha Hospital-New Delhi India.

As an apparent finding the ECG of Mrs Hooda showed some changes in the cardiac cycle. She is currently on medication for the heart condition.

Dear Dheeraj-You have done a marvelous job. Getting a health checkup is such a pain in Canada-you have to wait half your life to get it done. We are tired of waiting their in lines.

Even for small things like Health checkups. Our while family is in Canada and I am going to recommend you and your company Indianmedguru to everybody.

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