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I have been overweight since my early teens. Through the years I have been on every diet around including Weight Watchers, calorie counting, carbohydrate counting, Atkins. I have also been on diet pills which made me high strung and a little crazy. No matter what I did, I would initially lose weight but always gain it back plus a few pounds. I started researching weight loss surgery in June 2005 and fortunately came across a web site of Indianmedguru Consultants for the Lapland surgery.

I had a conversation with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani on phone he took the time to listen to my concerns and even supported my decision for the Lap Band over gastric bypass surgery. This was of great concern to me since I had heard stories of other physicians trying to convince patients to go for the gastric bypass.

I flew down to India where I quickly completed my pre-op testing (nutrition consult and psych evaluation) and was scheduled for surgery. Surgery went very well and I did not experience any complications. Through all the ups and downs, both emotional (as I adjusted to my new eating patterns) and physical, deciding to have the Lap Band surgery was the best decision I could ever have made for myself. Thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and my decision to have the Lap band surgery, I finally look forward to shopping, swimming, doing things with my family and just enjoying life.

Petronella Campbell

Mr Jonathan Poullack who came to India for his surgery of the Colorectal Cancer.He was diagnosed with the cancer and was advised immediate surgery as the cancer is aggressive. Since Mr jonathan Poullack is uninsured he could not afford to get the surgery in USA.He contacted Dheeraj Bojwani-to whom he sent all his medical papers.

His papers were studied by the surgeons and was advised immediate treatment.The total cost of the surgery and airfare combined was so less that he came to India for the surgery.He stayed in India for 18 days. The main objective of our visit to India was to get the best possible medical attention which means the best possible surgeon and the best possible nursing and overall hospital care.

The second requirement was to find the best medical services at a cost we could afford. We reasearched our options and were told by out neighbor to talk to Indianmedguru in India for my surgery.All of the medical attention received has exceeded our expectations. The surgeons are the most skilled in the world and are very comforting with their talks.

They listen and understand the patients perspective very correctly. We are blessed to have worked with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and very thankful to Indianmedguru who introduced us to the expertise offered at the Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai-India for this kind of complicated surgery. My best wishes to Dheeraj and Indianmedguru and sincerest thanks for all the good work and the help they provided me.


Nicola Sanders- who came from England for the Bunion surgery from which she had been suffering since the lat 10 years. She was on the NHS waiting list since last two years for the bunion surgery.

Before traveling to India-I researched my options in Belgium and France. Although the flight to these places is cheap,but the medical treatment and the surgery cost is still very high. I checked out India-and here talked to a couple of providers -before finalizing with the Indianmedguru. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani answered all my questions swiftly and very precisely. He knew what he was doing. He helped me plan the whole trip.

It was such a seamless procedure -right from the Airport Pickup to back being at Home in UK was such a wonderful experience. She wrote to us after reaching back Home-

It is with my deepest thankfulness that I write to you today. I reached home safely, my husband picked me up from the airport and he could simply not believe his eyes when he saw me walking around the way i did. He told me to greet everybody and tell everybody how grateful he is to get a healthy woman back. I know for sure that Indianmedguru and Dheeraj Bojwani is me and my familys choice for overseas treatment.

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