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Mauji Bhai Patel(from Kenya)- who came to Nagpur- India For getting both his knees replaced. Dheeraj Bojwani and Mr Patel On the 2nd day after his surgery. This surgery was done at very low rates-as a philanthropic activity.

Mr Patel was unable to bear the complete cost of the surgery and was sponsored by a NRI club in Kenya. My all best wishes with them.


Hamlet Erland

  • Starting Weight before the surgery: 420 pounds
  • Weight approx 12-15 months after the surgery:180 pounds.
My name is Hamlet Erland and back in 2005 I weighed more than 420 pounds. I was a very large man who felt uncomfortable with himself and his surroundings. One day I was in a hardware store when a little girl approached me from behind and said to her father, “That man is fat! Huh, daddy?” I will be thankful for that child forever. 

My doctor mentioned bariatric surgery to me and actually recommended that I look into this procedure. He provided me with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani’s phone number In India and as embarrassed as I was, I made that phone call. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani’s staff was all exceptional.

Each step was explained in great detail. They all made me feel comfortable while I was considering this procedure. And within 3 weeks I was inn India getting my surgery by the Indianmedguru Group in India 

I followed the program exactly as instructed. I was often teased for being so perfect, but I didn’t care because the weight came off quickly for me and I was excited and even further motivated by my success. I knew I had to begin retraining myself to eat healthier and to begin living a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, I was depressed. I knew I would have to find a way to cope with the food commercials on television and with my roommate’s frequent visits to the local fast food restaurants.

The junk food still looked good, and I hadn’t yet developed any alternative activities or mechanisms to deal with the former obsession. That’s when I started exercising. I found that the exercise actually helped to take my mind off food and gave me time to think about where I had come from and where I would like to see myself three to six months down the road.

 In fairly short order I learned to eat healthy foods six to eight times a day and to exercise five times a week. What a change this was for me. I started out walking short distances (walking at 400 pounds isn’t easy) and worked up to walking three miles at a time. I have never felt as good in my life as I do today. In just 18 months I have lost more than 240 pounds and have maintained this weight loss still today. This has been an awesome and rewarding experience.

I deeply thank Indianmedguru and Dheeraj Bojwani for giving me the opportunity to experience life as I had never been able to do before.


Haroon Khaled from UK who got Lasik Surgery (Zyoptix Laser) to get rid of his specs.He was treated at the Perfect vision Centre and stayed in India for 7 days.

The experince I had with Indianmedguru was truly excellent .The lasik surgery is quick and simple and around 30 minutes after surgery I could see everything clearly. I would definitely recommend this treatment to all my family and friends. The quality here at Perfect Vision is 10 times better than in U.K. and also it is 10 times better.The cost definitely is incomparable.

Get the Best Medical Consultation Please Contact Us

May Indianmedguru fly like our planes!!
Best Wishes and Regards-Haroon Khaled.

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