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Having been married over 15 years and still no children, our hopes seemed to be dwindling.  I had one miscarriage about 10 years ago. Since then-my husband and I had gone to an infertility Clinic in no avail-- and many bottles of tears!

If one needs to have an egg donor there (in Canada)-one is not allowed by their law to pay the donor.  Well, that makes things really difficult!  For "who" out of the blue is just going to donate to us out of the goodness of their heart? We had been praying for a child for a long time...A Christian friend of mine said she would pray that I could soon have children, or adopt. It was shortly after this that I providentially found the Indian Med Guru Consultants website.  I was thrilled.  Being a medical person, made things definitely easier on us-- and the whole process.

I started asking Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani lots of questions by phone and by e-mail.  My husband, being so "very careful" about everything wanted to thoroughly check things out.  We visited the Indian Med Guru Consultants web site, saw their list of Doctors and found out that one had the incredible honor of being one of the first doctors in the world on an IVF team.  All things seemed like a "go" and we prayfully proceeded forward.  I was ecstatic.  Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani went the extra mile to assure us and provide for us every needed information regarding any concerns.

Both my husband and I had traveled to India before, so the thought of going to another country was not intimidating-but intriguing.  And to have a vacation at the same time and possibly get pregnant would just be too wonderful for words!

Well, our journey was successful, and we Praise the Lord that I am pregnant now! I am quite a phenomenon at my Drs. Visits (due to my "older" age) and I am well taken care of by my doctor. One Nurse Practitioner there assured me that I am healthier than 1/2 of her patients. I thank the Lord for Dr Dheeraj Bojwani dedication to helping couples be able to make their dreams come true!  We are so happy and await the birth of our "miracle child" next year.  I hope that you also, (reader of this web site) will also find an incredible journey and dream coming true as you persue Indian Med Guru Consultants also!

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