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Marco Schaffer- form USA-who came to Bombay/Mumbai- India for a detailed health check up .He was here with his wife who underwent the Lap Band Surgery for weight loss.

Dheeraj - He is the most professional and thorough Gentleman .I am not sure if he ever sleeps. I must have sent him 100 emails in a month about my planning and my wifes surgery and all the answers were replied back within hours, sometimes within minutes.

I have never seen such prompt and impeccable support for any service. I am sure Indianmedguru has a very bright future with Dheeraj Bojwani. My all best wishes with them.


Halona Charlap

  • Starting Weight before the surgery: 325 pounds
  • Weight approx 12-15 months after the surgery:160 pounds.
Before having gastric bypass surgery my life was out of control. I weighed 325 pounds and was so depressed I wanted to die. I honestly felt my family would be better off without me. I was so obese I felt I was nothing more than an embarrassment and a burden to them. When I went out in public people would stare at me and either whisper to each other or say something hurtful to me. I had many medical problems and was in constant pain.

To sleep the entire night through was something I longed for, but because of my sleep apnea I awoke several times gasping for air. Even when I lay on my side I could feel my weight crushing me. 

On September 16th   2005, I received the most precious gift I could ever have hoped for: Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani from Indianmedguru assisted me in getting the gastric bypass surgery in India. I was afraid of having major surgery, but his kindness and compassion reassured me. He truly cared about me and I had total confidence in his skill. I was in the hospital only three days and had minimal pain. I was provided with all the guidelines I needed to follow and invited to call anytime I had a question or concern.

I have lost 160 pounds and I feel like a new person! I now weigh 165 pounds and am thrilled to be among those who say “I’d like to lose 15 pounds.” I’m healthy.... I’m happy.... And something I never thought I’d hear myself say.... I’m beautiful!!! I sleep all night through and wake in the morning feeling refreshed. The whole world has opened up to me and I can honestly say I love life. I have so much self-confidence now that I want people to notice me. Sometimes I well up with so much emotion that tear of joy flow down my cheeks. For the first time in my life.... I feel normal.

Thank you very much Indianmedguru...


Ray K Shaw- Pilot of a private jetliner came to India for his dental Implants in Delhi-India.He is a British Patient.

Dear Dheeraj-I was given your information from a friend in the Embassy.And I must say You stand and live upto the best expectations.You know what good service means. I just gave you a call and my appointment was confirmed in less than 10 minutes. I met The dentist the same day-got my preliminary treatments done the very first time and Followed it up again after 3 months.Go-ahead!! I give you the liberty to use my treatment photographs on the internet.

Get the Best Medical Consultation Please Contact Us

May Indianmedguru fly like our planes!!
Best Wishes and Regards-Ray.

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