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After being obese most of my life, and having lost hundreds of pounds only to gain it all back, I decided to take the drastic step of having gastric bypass surgery. I learnt about Indianmedguru Consultants by searching on the Internet for better options for my Gastric Bypass Surgery than were available in UK. I contacted Indianmedguru Consultants in India Dr Dheeraj Bojwani swiftly answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to travel all the way to India for my treatment. He gave me several options including having the surgery anywhere in India.

Indianmedguru Consultants were extremely efficient in dealing with all my concerns and queries, Dr Dheeraj Bojwani made my hospital arrangements and assured me that I would be well taken care of, he was absolutely right. Thank you so much. My stay here at the hospital was beyond expectation or belief. The care given by every employee and the expertise of the doctors is unmatched. With such a journey as I made, my comfort was only possible due to the level of fantastic care to be provided to me. My outcome was wonderful and much better than my best expectation. When I return to the USA, when I have the opportunity, I will recommend Indianmedguru to everyone seeking obesity and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery in India.

My recommendation to anyone considering this path is to go; you will find all of your fears put to rest & learn a few things along the way. I most certainly would have been lost if not for Dr Dheeraj Bojwani. He made all the difference in my stay.

Everyone here from the C.E.O to the cleaning staff influenced my stay and made me welcome. A special thanks to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani a friend I look forward to keeping for a long time to come. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani is with me in the picture above.
Many Thanks

Spruce Newman


Rachel Senator - Prior to having Gastric Bypass Surgery I weighed 389 lbs., suffered from Type II diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and joint pain. This should have been enough to alert me to the death cycle I was on: but it was not. I fooled myself into thinking that I was relatively healthy and young enough to overcome my medical problems.

Shortly after my 31st birthday, my 7-year old son asked me if I would live to see her children. I asked her "what do you mean?" He said, "Daddy, if you don't lose weight you're not going to be around when I get married and have children." It took these comments from my little son to make me realize that my life was slipping away and I had to do something about my weight or forego the joys of parenthood and, hopefully, grand parenting.

After my chat with my son, I looked in earnest for a reputable doctor to consult for Gastric Bypass Surgery. But the cost of getting private surgery in UK was totally out of my budget. I searched for my options in other countries and finally short listed on the Indianmedguru Consultants in India

I was fortunate to find Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru in India, who thoroughly helped me at every step to plan my surgery in India. On December 24th, 2005, Gastric Bypass Surgery was successfully performed: I have not looked back. The recovery was not easy, but it was as explained to me by the surgeon and definitely it was worth it. I went from size 60 suits to a size 40; I now weigh 170 lbs and enjoy life's little pleasures with my son, who is now 13. I no longer suffer from diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and joint pain. All of my illnesses have disappeared, and I can now say that I truly enjoy a healthy life and a healthy lifestyle.

Rachel Senator

Mr Marzbaan who was operated for the lap band surgery in Bombay-India. He arranges packaged tours and travels for International travelers.He was treated at the Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai.

The whole experience has been really good. I came here expecting the best and anything I found here has exceeded, and anything I anticipated has gone much better than I ever hoped it to go. It's been a wonderful experience. Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru -

That's the way to go! Keep up the good work!!

Get the Best Medical Consultation Please Contact Us

Thank you very much Indianmedguru !

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