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I want to thank you for my new found self-confidence. Prior to the surgical procedure, I often avoided social settings and had a fear of running into old friends who only knew me thin. Now I find myself excited at the prospect of running into people and having a visit without feeling self-conscious about my appearance. I did not realize how much hiding I had been doing. Two different friends recommended that I should contact you.

So, although I had a full authorization from my HMO for a different doctor, I requested a second opinion and I'm so pleased that I did! From the first phone call to schedule an appointment, I realized you had a staff that truly cares about the complete well being of its patients. Your office is light and cheerful and my first encounter with you was so respectful. The folks at the Hospital were very warm and helpful. I'd had concerns about having the procedure outside of Spain, but now am glad for the personal care that I received at India.

Since my surgery I have found myself with more energy and my years of neck and shoulder pain from the weight have ended.” Thank you" to you and your staff for giving me exceptional care. I gladly recommend you to any of my friends considering cosmetic surgery. I know it is a cliché, but truly, my only regret is that I didn't do this year ago.


Vallerie Miller


Ever since I was a teen I have been bothered by my unproportionally large breasts. I have had comments from family and friends and have been ridiculed by others, leaving me sincerely hurt me and obstructing my development into happy, normal, self-confident young man.

One of my most horrible memories is from when I was 12. My then "best friend" and I went swimming at the beach. I was reluctant to taking off my shirt, but it was a warm, sunny day, so I gathered my courage, took off my shirt and walked towards the water. My friend said: "My God, you look like a girl". Emotionally, I was devastated. As we walked into the water, some guys from the shore started to "wolf-whistle" to me (indicating that I was a girl). From that day I decided never to show my self publicly without something covering my chest.

When I was 25, I came across an article by IndianMedguru Consultants about a 40 year-old man who had surgery for the same condition as I had, which I found out was called: Gynecomastia. The realization that there was something that could be done for this prompted me to do more research and fond that IndianMedguru Consultants could help me.

Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. He explained to me that nearly 40% of all males have this condition, which made me feel less ashamed now that I knew I wasn't the "only" one. He also went into detail on why his associate doctors had much success with his technique. Most doctors I spoke with before had only done a few of these surgeries. Dr. Schafer has done almost a thousand - much more than anyone I have researched.

Well, I had the surgery and have had no regrets! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani changed my life. My childhood and adolescence was spent always feeling insecure, humiliated, embarrassed and inferior because of my chest, but now, this summer I might actually, for the first time in my life, be able to go to the beach with nothing covering my chest....I might finally feel normal, happy and truly like a man!

Austin Martin
New York


I am 5ft 1in tall and since the age of 18 have always felt that I had someone else's breasts stuck on my body. I was out of proportion and always hated my breasts due to the staring, unwanted comments and not being able to wear the clothes I wanted. My decision to have a breast reduction was made while I was on holiday in Spain with my husband. I was wearing a bikini which felt like scaffolding and was trying to get comfortable on a sun bed. I was hot and uncomfortable and my mind was suddenly made up! Once back home, I checked out the IndianMedguru website to do a bit of research on breast reductions. I found the information on the website to be clear, concise and reassuring. so I decided to get my breast reduction surgery through IndianMedguru Consultants My surgery went extremely well and my experience at the hospital was very positive My recovery has been easier than I anticipated. My posture even feels more erect.. My breast reduction has changed my life - I love my new breasts! I feel very confident walking into a crowded room with a small top on, rather than feeling like I should cover up to avoid the stares. I cannot recommend IndianMedguru Consultants highly enough. From initial consultation to end result they are there for you 100%.

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Brianna Anderson

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