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I contacted IndianMedGuru Consultants in search of laproscopic Hernia surgery abroad due to the high cost of treatment in the United States. Within three weeks of my enquiry, IndianMedGuru Consultants arranged for me to be treated at a mulitspeciality hospital in India. I successfully underwent minimal invasive laproscopic hernia surgery, I am very thankful to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani for the follow up on my health.

I am doing just fine. As far as the questions go that you asked me, you couldn't have done better with your service. I am thoroughly satisfied. Your service and price is far better than any service that I have seen in the United States.

All of the medical attention I received has exceeded my expectations. Surgeons in India are not only the skillful but instilled a lot of confidence in me. The hospital was the most modern that I had ever seen with the best infrastructure. I am very thankful to IndianMedGuru Consultants who introduced, managed and coordinated my medical trip to India. If the need arises I will take a medical trip to India again without a second thought.

Rick Keefe


Mrs Sawalpurkars pre and postoperative photos after a bilateral knee joint replacement surgery. She suffered from severe osteo-arithritis and had severe deformity.

The patient contacted us through the website.

After the surgery she walks very comfortably with minimal pain. The patient came from Bhopal(within India) and was operated By Dr H.J.Sangtani who is an associate doctor of Indianmedguru.


Mr and Mrs Moeller from Denmark who both underwent Cosmetic Surgery In India. Marianne Moeller- Blephroplasty and Liposuction surgery Jacob Moeller- Liposuction Surgery.

A simple thank you is not enough for the wonderful care your senior cosmetic / plastic consultant Dr. Milind Wagh has provided throughout the procedure. He is a rare and valuable individual, a true artist of the human body. He respects and recognizes the fact that every one is unique (having different shapes and sizes) and tends to each different goal and expectation with careful attention.

Dr Dheeraj Bojwani was available to us through the entire treatment process and the care that we were getting in India. From the calls to the consultation, to the surgery to the follow-ups, every single person of Tour2india4health Consultants has been a complete pleasure to work with. I am thankful to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and the wonderful staff of IndianMedGuru Consultants.

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