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Mr Phil Jenkins is our 300th client .He is an Internet Entrepreneur from USA and has offices in 3 countries. He got his Liposuction done in India. I would just like to thank Indianmedguru and specially Dheeraj Bojwani who made my liposuction treatment successful. The services have raised my expectations of how medical treatment should be.I was particularly impressed by Dr Dheeraj Bojwani's exhaustive knowledge of the treatments, the doctors and the hospitals.What amazed me was the costs that I got here for my surgery)

She recommends Indianmedguru as NO.1 company in India for reasonably costing healthcare and medical treatment in India.


Rebecca Bird - who is of British origin and stays in Japan. She came to India for the laser eye surgery (Lasik surgery) to remove her spectacles.

I came across Indianmedguru on the internet. The website was extremely professional and helpful and I found that all of my questions about LASIK and the procedures were answered in detail and with description. After making first contact with the them I found that any questions I had were answered quickly and in-depth by Dheeraj Bojwani. Making a decision to have this surgery in India and with Perfect Vision Centre was made easy with the staff friendly and professional manner. The difference in price was also an important factor.

The same procedure in Japan was going to cost me ¥ 500,000 compared to the ¥ 80,000 I paid in India. On arrival at the centre I was impressed with the Doctors, equipment and the amazing warmth from the staff. I felt more of a guest than a patient. My visit to India; the sightseeing and cultural experiences were shaped by the people from Indianmedguru and I can not express my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved for making everything so unbelievably easy for me.

Rebecca !


Mr Brian Soerensen from Denmark who took a “REJUVENATION PACKGAE” of 7 days at the Kairali Ayurveda Resort in Kerala.

The services offered were fantastic. Everyone treated us as if they were personal assistants. The ayurveda doctors were extremely professional and completely competent.

My best wishes to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru Consultants.

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