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Mrs. Austin, Nigeria
Key Hole Hysterectomy Surgery India
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Mrs. Austin, Nigeria
Key Hole Hysterectomy Surgery India

Hysterectomy surgery in India for fibroid treatment draws international female patients all across the globe

Hi, I am Ms. Austin from Nigeria. I never thought I would be so excited to return to the gym! But today, I’m on my feet and doing all of the things I treasure, like canvassing the mall with my friends and reconquering the treadmill. But this was not the case few months back.

I started gaining weight and experiencing longer than usual periods, but just shrugged it off. Finally, I went to my OB/GYN and found out that I had a uterine fibroid that was 3.5 centimeters large. Uterine fibroids made me miserable for a week to 10 days every month. I tried different treatments and medications to reduce the fibroid, but nothing worked. With no results, I agin visited a gynecologist for a second opinion. She reviewed my medical history, and confirmed presence of fibroid in my uterus and suggested Hysterectomy surgery for the removal of uterus fibroid. Since my husband and I did not want any more children, I decided it was time to take action. Not only was the pain getting to me, but I was losing enough blood that I had anemia I couldn't beat. I was tired all the time! I knew a hysterectomy surgery was the only sure cure for the pain caused by uterine fibroids. It was wate of time to search for my hysterectomy surgery back in Nigeria because of the pathetic medical facilities available then. So I did a lot of online research looking for Hysterectomy surgery because I wanted to get rid of my fibroids as soon as possible. There was so much information online, but most of it was disorganized, contradictory, and confusing. I was fortunate enough to find Indian Medguru website when I was searching the net, finding ways to deal with my unwelcome visitors and everything became so much easier to understand. Simple language, definitions, pictures explaing about Hysterectomy surgery in India. On comparing various factors, I concluded that having my Hysterectomy surgery in India would be the most viable solution in terms of quality and cost. I really had a systematic deal with Indian Medguru Group, they did almost everything for me, right from arranging a surgeon to hospital to our visa etc. They really delivered what they promised. Soon I met my surgeon, discussed my case and then made my mind to have my Hysterectomy surgery in India. 

The day of the surgery, I was made comfortable the entire time. Even the anesthesiologist was wonderful! Hysterectomy surgery is an inpatient procedure that is done using general anesthesia. I was treated via the open technique, formally known as laparotomy. After anesthesia, the abdominal wall was opened, giving my surgeon optimum access to the reproductive structures and organs. My procedure for Hysterectomy surgery in India consisted of separating the uterus from the ligaments and tissue that hold it in place and any scar tissue that was present. It was then removed through the vagina or the abdominal incision. The surgeon then inspected the tissue for any tumors or bleeding and determined that the Hysterectomy surgery is complete, the instruments then were withdrawn and the incisions were closed. Abdominal laparoscopic incisions may be closed with absorbable sutures and sterile tape while open (as in my case) incisions was held closed with staples or that were removed weeks later by the surgeon. The procedure varies depending on the kind of Hysterectomy required. My physician helped me to decide the type of Hysterectomy is best suited for you, which in my case was open technique considering my medical history and the cause for the surgery. My stay for Hysterectomy surgery in India required 3 days of stay in the hospital.
After my Hysterectomy surgery in India I was discharged on the 3rd day, and same day left for my country with a prescription pain reliever. I required eight weeks to recover and have significantly more restrictions due to the large incision. I was asked by my doctor not to lift anything greater than 10 pounds and to refrain myself from soaking in tub baths and swimming for at least six weeks after my Hysterectomy surgery in India. I thank my surgeon and my medical consultant Indian Medguru who expedited my Hysterectomy surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you,

Mrs. Austin

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