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How to select right medical tourism company for your infertility treatment in India


infertility treatment India India is the leading country promoting medical tourism in the world. Foreign patients can get their infertility treatment done in India, get world class treatments, and get a tour holiday, all this at a low price. Here the facilities offered are of world class and hence it is believed that the facilities are more suited for International patients. Infertility treatment in India is conducted by various methods like Artificial Insemination Assisted Reproductive Techniques, Cumulus Aided Transfer, Donor Oocyte Program, Embryo Cryopreservation, Female Sterilization, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Surrogacy. Many couples from different countries consider medical tourism in India to get infertility treatment because it offers some of the cheapest pricing options, offers a good holiday, there are no waiting lists and doctors are highly qualified. Medical tourism provider in India will help you decide on the best destination and healthcare provider for your needs. It provides practical advice about going overseas for treatment.

hospitals infertility treatment India Here are a few key points to look at when considering which medical tourism company to get infertility treatment in India:

hospitals infertility treatment India Transparent pricing

Before you sign any commitment, you should receive a detailed account of the price you can expect to pay for infertility treatment in India. Some companies break down the price, so you know how much each aspect of your medical journey will cost. Others lump it all into a package price. However they price it, you should be aware of exactly what costs will be covered. Most reputable companies will at the minimum cover the following in the price they charge you:

  • Transmittal of your medical records to the surgeon for review
  • Assistance in arranging any passports or visas you may need (although the fee to acquire these documents will generally be extra)
  • Procedure price inclusive of doctors’ fees, hospital fees, and medications associated with surgery)
  • Hospital Room and three meals a day for you and a companion for a specified number of days after surgery -Flight arrangements
  • Hotel costs
  • Transportation to and from the airport

You may also pay extra for additional amenities such as a cell phone, but this should be clearly stated in your contract.

medical tourism India Communication with your surgeon

A good medical travel company will offer you a free conference call with a surgeon before you have made any financial obligation to go. This benefit you by letting you discuss the treatment plans available for infertility treatment based on your condition. You will be able to determine whether you feel comfortable with the surgeon and with the surgeon’s medical philosophy.

Medical tourism companies will require a certain degree of commitment before scheduling the conference call. They prefer to have patients submit any medical records they have and fill out a medical evaluation form. This allows the surgeon to review your records and to direct his comments specifically tailored to your case, making the call much more valuable for you.

Having a conference call with a prospective surgeon does not indicate any obligation on your end. With a reputable medical travel company, if you do not feel comfortable with the surgeon you should be able to ask for a conference call with a different surgeon, or if you choose to seek care elsewhere you can request the return or destruction of your medical records. Complimentary conference calls are a service provided by good medical tourism companies to help you-the patient-feel comfortable about your decision to go abroad for medical care.

cost infertility treatment India References

In addition to setting up a call with a surgeon, your medical tourism facilitator should offer to put you in touch with one of their former patients. Not only will it reassure you that the company has successfully arranged medical tourism packages before, but it will give you a first-hand account of what to expect from your overseas surgery.

medical tourism infertility treatment India Money-back guarantee

If at any point during your medical travel journey - prior to actually having the surgery - you decide not to go through your planned surgery, a good medical travel facilitator will refund you all of the money you have paid, except for the expenses you have already incurred airfare, hotel, etc. Your medical tourism company should have enough faith in the doctors and hospitals in their network that they should be willing to offer you this guarantee. It’s in our best interest to make sure our patients return home satisfied – even if that means allowing you the option of bowing out of surgery if you don’t feel comfortable.

medical tourism infertility treatment India In-country patient care manager

One of the benefits of using a medical travel company for your overseas surgery is the reassurance that you will have someone to rely on for any issues or questions you have. All medical travel facilitators will have a patient care manager to answer your questions and help you out before you set off on your journey. But you should choose a company that can offer you a patient care manager in the country you’re traveling to. That way, you’ll have a point-of-contact, someone you already know in your destination country. If you ever have any communication issues, you can give them a call and ask them to translate and advocate for you, and they should also visit you in the hospital to check up on you.

infertility treatment Mumbai,surgeons infertility treatment India Post-operative care

Some medical tourism companies consider their job done once you’ve returned to your home country after surgery abroad. The distinguishing factor of a really good medical travel company is one that promises to follow up with you after you’ve returned and who will assist you as much as possible with any questions or issues you have afterwards.

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