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Eyelid reshaping surgery at Chennai in India gave me immense cost saving benefit with expected results

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“Eyelid reshaping surgery at Chennai in India gave me immense cost saving benefit with expected results and I really feel that Indian Medguru gave a good care and support to me for getting a good quality and affordable construction of eyelids. Now when I was searching for a good cosmetic surgery hospital at Dubai I found that the surgeons of these hospitals used techniques that were used as old as 8 years before and I had heard that western countries like US, Canada and Australia had developed less time consuming techniques for cosmetic surgery but there the cost expense was really high such that the native people of these countries were going to Asian countries.

I came to know that Indian cosmetic surgeons provided a unique coupling of less cost and international level quality. Now I made a search on the internet and the website of Indian Medguru left a deep impression on me with its reasonable cost packages of treatment procedures plus the information about there provisions of medical hospitality and rehabilitation was really convincing. On asking about the available facilities for Eye reshaping surgery from Dr, Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of  Indian Medguru I was told that Chennai had experienced doctors and modern surgery hospitals for carrying outpatient procedures of cosmetic surgery. After having sent my case details to Dr. Bojwani I got an appointment for an Eyelid reshaping surgery at Chennai in India. I was in India after a week of getting a consultation with Indian Medguru and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani had already sent one of his associates to Chennai to assist me for my Eyelid reshaping surgery in India and he was a very caring and skilled professional he personally talked about my case requirements with the hospital staff. The group of medical attendants was very friendly and cordial to me and it really cared for my requirements during my Eyelid reshaping surgery at Chennai in India. I was kept in a well furnished patient acre room after my cosmetic operation and the nurses applied me effective medicated lotions on the tiny incisions made near my eyelids to remove sagging skin. The doctor told me that positive results would be visible within a period of 10 day. The cost budget of my medical trip to India was also affordable to me. Now I can see the fine looks of my eyelids and it appeals me in a great way. I would like to recommend the name of Indian Medguru who are seeking a reasonable price cosmetic surgery with a less time recovery.”

Mrs Rowe

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