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Economical Urosurgery at Hyderabad in India

“It’s Victor from Kenya saying Hello! I am very glad that I got this golden opportunity to share the experience of my Economical Urosurgery at Hyderabad in India. I was very much restless before the surgery my family members were also worried about my condition. I was in search of something that would help me out. On the same day I was just browsing on net, I read an advertisement related to urosurgery in India. It had the website address of Indianmedguru I made a call on their phone no It was Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani after talking to him I felt that I have got the person whom I was in search of. The surgery rates were really economical for my Urosurgery at Hyderabad in India. Since the medical facilities in Kenya were not up to the mark so I decided to have my Urosurgery at Hyderabad in India.  Indianmedguru seemed to be very much professional and punctual with their work so I didn’t face any delay in getting the appointment dates. I felt very much relaxed after my first communication with them and then I was really sure about the success of my surgery. After coming to India I was taken directly to the hospital by Indianmedguru Consultants. The hospital was really very beautiful and advanced from surgical point of view. At the reception I found people talking in some regional Indian language but they could speak English very well. I found surgeons and the whole medical staff to be friendly. This made easier for me to communicate and talk with them. The surgery results were really fruitful to me. I found getting Urosurgery at Hyderabad in India very economical to me as the cost was almost half as compared to that of US and UK I also got a holiday tour package. I am very greatful to Indianmedguru consultants for all the care and support given to me.”


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