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Journey to India for Infertility Treatment

Congo Patient Infertility Treatment in India

Mrs. Agnes from Congo

Infertility Treatment in India – Dr. Veena Bhat

Being able to become a mother is the biggest thing that a woman can have in her life. Things were not that straightforward for me. When my doctor told me that I needed infertility treatment, it brought down the whole sky onto me. But things changed after my successful infertility treatment in India, and I am thankful that I became the mother of a healthy son.

You may be thinking who I am and why I am sharing this thought with you. I am Agnes from Congo and I have always been a healthy and cheerful girl. I got married in 2016 and even after 2 years of our marriage, I and my husband were disappointed when I didn’t conceive. My husband is a very patient man and I am thankful to have found him in my life. After 2 years of trying we started seeing an infertility specialist in our city. We live in Barcelona. My doctor asked me and my husband to get a few tests and scan. On the second visit, she shared the reports with us and told me that I had a tubal blockage. She explained to us what this problem was and how it could be treated. She also said that my husband was perfect.

She asked me if I had any past history of pregnancy. I told her I had never become pregnant in the past. She told me that a non-surgery treatment called Fallopian Tube Recanalization (FTR) may be possible, but it depends on my actual condition. I was required to do a few more tests.

The next week I and my husband returned to my doctor. She said that FTR will be of no benefit in my case. I had to undergo surgery to be able to become a mother. This was a shock to us. I didn’t know anyone in my family or friends who had to get surgery to become pregnant. This was a difficult thought for us to digest. The cost of surgery was also too high. My doctor suggested me to undergo a surgery called salpingostomy.

I and my husband thought about the surgery for more than a week. During this time, I shared the news with my close family and friends. One of my friends, who was very close to me and knew almost everything about me, told me to consider successful infertility treatment in India. She said, “the country had very high-quality medical facilities and Budget Friendly Infertility Treatment in India is provided.”

She also said that treatment in India was much more affordable than in my country. This made even more sense for me because we did not have big savings. She said that I could get the same or higher quality treatment while spending only a fraction of the cost. I started searching online and came across a company named Indian Med Guru, the medical service provider. The next day I called on their phone number. After they asked a few questions about my concern, they transferred my call to a woman. She sounded friendly and felt so good to talk to. At first, I was hesitant because of my concerns about my problem. But her calm and convincing manner made me feel better.

I asked her a few questions:

  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • Who will be treating me?
  • Where will I be staying in India?

She answered all these questions in a calm and soothing way.

  • From helping you find the right specialist for managing your journey, our services are multifaceted.
  • You will be treated by a specialist of your choice. We will provide you with the list of infertility treatment specialists to choose from.
  • We will make all the arrangement for your journey including your stay with infertility treatment in India at the best price.

This gave me so much peace of mind. After our conversation, she asked me to share all my reports. I sent her the reports and she called me back on the second day. She told me that my reports were shared with the top 10 infertility specialist in India. She also said that all of them confirmed that surgery was the only way to treat my problem and help me become a mother.

I was hoping that at least one doctor would say some non-surgical method was possible. At this point, I realized that there was no other option for me. She then asked me to confirm about my decision. After that, she would take things further. She also said that she would be my associate or coordinator if I decided to go to India for my treatment.

I discussed about this conversation with my husband. He was too supportive of me and was ready to do anything to help me see my one goal come to life. He told me that we should go and get the treatment. So the next day I called Indian Med Guru Consultants and told her about our decision. She shared a list of 3 infertility specialists with me from the Best Hospitals for Infertility Treatment in India. She asked me to go through the details and decide which doctor was best for me.

I spent 2 days going through the profiles of each doctor. After I learnt enough about their history, I chose Dr. Veena Bhat specialist for infertility in India. I called my associate and let her know about my decision. She told me, “You have made the right choice because Dr. Bhat has the most experience in infertility treatment among the 3 specialists.”




She briefed me on how travel and planning will take place and how long I may have to stay. She also told me that their company will take care of getting my medical visa, local travels, and stay. This was a big relief because I didn’t know how to handle things in another country like India. So we prepared everything accordingly. We had a series of long and positive conversations for the next few days. Then, I was given an appointment in December 2016. We reached India and were picked up at the airport by Indian Med Guru Consultants representative. The whole experience was pleasant and everyone dealt so well with us, taking care of us at different points. My husband and I were dropped at a good hotel. I liked the hotel and the arrangements.

Soon after my arrival at the hotel, my associate called me. She inquired about my journey and told me to be ready the next morning for the appointment. The next day we arrived for our appointment.

The first time I saw Dr. Bhat, I felt so relaxed and convinced that I had made the right choice. She was courteous in her approach and answered all our queries. I asked her about my procedure and if non-surgical treatment was possible. She explained the blockage in my tube in detail. She said salpingostomy was the recommended procedure for my exact condition. She explained that it involved opening the fallopian tube and removing the blockage.

I asked her some of the following questions:

  • Is there any risk involved in this infertility treatment?
  • How long after this surgery can we try to have a baby?

She answered with the following:

  • We take all the precautions to prevent any infections or scarring. The chances of having an ectopic pregnancy can increase, but we can do the best to avoid that.
  • You can start trying for a baby after a few months of your procedure. We will let you know after the procedure.

I and my husband threw many other questions at her and she was so patient in answering all of them. Once we were convinced about everything, she asked me to get a few tests before the surgery. The reports of the test were shared with me the next day. My associate called me and confirmed that the surgery would take place the next day and I would have to arrive at the facility on the prior eve, which meant that very same day.

So the same day, we were driven to the facility in the evening. I was admitted to a room and the nurses gave me a few injections and checked my vitals. Dr. Bhat arrived and told me to be relaxed and spend my night getting good sleep. The nurses also advised me about my dinner and breakfast restrictions.

The next day, I was taken to the surgery room early in the morning. After a few checkups, I was given general anesthesia. When I woke up my husband was there with me. Once I was fully conscious he told me how long the procedure took and that it was a success. He told me that he had a long discussion with the doctor about recovery and future course.

I spent a few days at the facility before I was ready to go to the hotel. We spent more than a week there. My husband was in regular conversation with my associate. The last time I visited Dr. Bhat, she told me that my wounds had now fully healed and I could go back to Congo. She even gave me her personal phone number to contact her. She asked me to keep her informed about my progress. She was so much interested in seeing me become a mother. I feel like I could not have found a better doctor for my treatment.

Even after I returned to Congo, my associate was in regular contact with me and enquired about my health. Now it has been more than a year since I returned and I am now a mother of a healthy boy. I could not believe it the first time I became pregnant. I was the happiest person on the planet. When I became pregnant, I informed both Dr. Veena Bhat and my associate in India and told everyone about my IVF treatment success story.

I thanked everyone, including the facility staff and Indian Med Guru, the medical service provider team. I told them it would not have been possible without their support. I also promised them I would visit India with my son in the future and will meet them. They were pleased to hear that and said that I was always welcome.

This was a life-changing experience for me and my husband. I could not have asked for anything better after I found out that I was not able to conceive. Another important thing was budget-friendly infertility treatment in India. Even if it was much more affordable than in Congo, there was no compromise on the quality of care. Everything was perfect. I also thanked my friend who recommended me to consider successful infertility treatment in India. Without her, I would have never thought of going to that country. Now I have planned to visit India after my son grows a little. I am eager to share my story about the visit to that country with him.




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