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Read our Patient Testimonial- A patient from Uganda share her experience of getting her Meningioma Gamma Knife surgery in Mumbai, India at the Gamma Knife Hospitals in Mumbai with Indian Healthguru Group

Low cost Gamma Knife Surgery for Meningioma in Delhi, India

Cheap Meningioma Surgery India, Meningioma Surgery India, India Meningioma Surgery I am Mr. from Nigeria. I came for my Gamma Knife Meningioma Surgery in Delhi India through Tour2india4health consultants. I have suffered from many problems before the surgery like weakness in my legs and I used to get frequent and terrible headaches and many times I felt drowsy and dull due to which I was not able to balance and walk properly and fainted many a times. I always wanted to undergo a surgery and wanted to get rid of all these problems which I was facing because I was not even able to control my own body and mind.

So I was searching for a good medical service provider and wanted to undergo the surgery in the most affordable cost. But I was not getting any good medical service provider for my surgery as our country lacks good medical infrastructure. Then one day when I went for some work in the Indian embassy with a friend, there I came to know about this medical tourism company. So I enquired about my problem and was pleased to see their quotes. Then I went for my Gamma Knife Meningioma Surgery in Delhi India and got the best possible services for my surgery. In India, the hospital in which I was operated was very elegant, the rooms were very clean and the staff of the hospital was very caring and took great care of me. After the surgery I am cured and I am living my life happily. After the surgery I went to visit many places in Delhi like the state secretariat, some gardens and some beautiful monuments. I want to thank the doctor for giving me the best possible services in the most affordable cost for my Gamma Knife Meningioma Surgery in India and I will always recommend ay person to get their surgery done through them India to get the best possible services.

Special Services for Gamma Knife Surgery in Mumbai, India

World Class Medical Facilities: Our network of world class facilities includes the Best Gamma Knife Hospitals in Mumbai, India has state of the art infrastructure that are well equipped with the advanced technology and latest instruments.

Affordable Cost: We provide low cost gamma knife surgery in Mumbai that is well within your budget.

Highly Qualified Medical Professionals: Our team of medical professionals include, the Doctors and Surgeons in Mumbai who are highly qualified, committed and dedicated.

Other Services: We help with the arrangement of your entire tour by fixing your appointment with top doctors and surgeons in Mumbai, quotation for gamma knife surgery Mumbai, India, personal airport pick-up and hotel accommodation, optional sightseeing city.

To get your appointment at Best Gamma Knife Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai Contact Us

Why to Choose your Gamma Knife Surgery in Mumbai, India?

Choosing your Gamma Knife surgery in Mumbai, India has the following benefits:
  • Gamma knife hospitals in Mumbai are internationally accredited
  • Top Doctors & Surgeons for Gamma Knife Surgery in Mumbai with international exposure and training
  • Around 30-70% cost advantage over the US and UK
  • Reduced waiting time for surgery
  • Fewer communication issues as English is the second language
  • State-of-the-art equipments at par with Western nations

India is capitalizing on its highly trained doctors in Mumbai offering the cost effective Gamma knife surgery in Mumbai, that appeal to the flocking medical tourists from abroad. The surgeons in Mumbai have education, certifications, training and experience from the prestigious international medical schools and institutions. Considered as a culturally rich place, Mumbai has many healthy spots where you could recuperate in peace or to go on a sight-seeing post recovery. Often, most patients from abroad combine their gamma knife surgery in Mumbai. You can go for a trip to the Hanging Gardens, Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Chowpatty Beach, Bandra Worli Sea Link, etc. Indian Medguru Consultants facilitate excellent services and facilities for gamma knife surgery in Mumbai India for the patients from abroad.

To know more about the Gamma Knife Surgery in Mumbai from the Best Gamma Knife Hospitals in Mumbai, India: Fill up the free Enquiry form
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