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By | October 28, 2017


Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer is an assisted reproductive procedure which involves removing a woman’s eggs, mixing them with sperm, and immediately placing them into a fallopian tube. One of the main differences between this procedure and in vitro fertilization and zygote intrafallopian transfer procedures is that with GIFT the fertilization process takes place inside the fallopian tube rather than in a laboratory through Dr. Firuza Parikh. However, healthy tubes are necessary for GIFT to work.

How is GIFT Performed in India?

  1. GIFT is an assisted reproductive procedure that involves the following:
  2. Patients must first have an x-ray to determine the presence of at least one healthy fallopian tube.
  3. The specialist will likewise utilize a laparoscope to guarantee that there isn’t any scar tissue outside of the fallopian tube. Using a laparoscope, eggs are then retrieved from the ovaries.
  4. The male provides a sperm sample the same day that the eggs are retrieved.
  5. The eggs are then blended with the sperm in a catheter.
  6. The egg and sperm mix is embedded into the fallopian tubes with a catheter
  7. The woman is then provided with medication to build up the uterine lining to support implantation of a fertilized egg.
  8. On the off chance that any extra eggs are left over, you may utilize them for IVF and save any viable embryos to use later on.

Infertility Treatment by Dr. Firuza Parikh will Make Your Dream Come True

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Best obstetrics and gynecologist in India Dr. Firuza Parikh is focused on providing support to couples navigating the maze of infertility. She  specialize in the area of IVF, ICSI, infertility clinics, donor egg, Embryo Donation, Egg Donation, natural infertility treatment, male infertility services, sperm banks, infertility books, infertility support and drugs. Dr. Firuza Parikh best infertility specialist in Mumbai have been one of the pioneers in the techniques of ICSI, having done more than 2000 cycles with success rates reaching nearly 25% -30%. Dr. Firuza Parikh Famous IVF specialist at Jaslok hospital is India’s pre-eminent IVF specialist and has been at the forefront of fertility care offering world-class services and superior clinical outcomes.

Dr. Firuza Parikh Best Obstetrics and Gynecologist in Mumbai Offering Hope in Creating Family

Dr. Firuza Parikh is the director of assisted reproduction and genetics at Jaslok Hospital and research center in Mumbai, India. With a distinguished career of 29 years of experience, the best obstetrics and gynecologist in India won several god medals and first ranks. Dr. Firuza Parikh have been a preferred choice for patients with repeated failures and complex cases. Her success rate is amongst the highest globally. Dr. Firuza Parikh best infertility specialist in Mumbai has an expertise which increases your chances of delivering a healthy baby. With high success rate, no waiting time and world-class services at affordable prices, Dr. Firuza Parikh is the most preferred infertility specialist in for fertility treatments in India. Patients and their families from 50+ countries have benefited from her fertility program till date.

Choose Indian Medguru Consultant for the Best GIFT Treatment in India

A large number of things are worrisome when it comes to infertility. Indian Medguru consultant helps you find a clinic that will aid in developing a sensible solution for all your problems. It will help you deal with papers and help formulate a plan for the future in case you have a child.  Indian Medguru consultant as medical facilitators ensure your complete facilitation from the query stage, your treatment stage to post hospital / IVF center discharge follow up.  With Indian Medguru consultant, your entire treatment is pre planned, professionally executed and facilitated at each stage by Indian Medguru consultant.

Having the business’ most intricate and exclusive patient care and clinical coordination teams positioned at each partner hospital, we provide you smooth and seamless international patient services while you receive world class treatments at JCI / JCAHO / ISO accredited hospitals in India.

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