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By | October 25, 2018

What is a Fibroid?

A Fibroid is a benign or a non-cancerous tumor, which develops from the layers of muscles of the Uterus. Fibroid are also referred to as Myomas, Uterine Fibroid or Fibromyomas. In rare instances, it can also become cancerous. At least 20 percent of the women are affected by Fibroid at some point in their lives. Mostly it is the women belonging to age group of 30-50, who are most vulnerable. Women who are obese or overweight are at higher risk as compared to other women. Myomectomy is known for being one of the best treatments for Fibroid.

Best Treatment for Fibroid

Is Fibroid dangerous?

Any health condition, if delayed, can get dangerous. Likewise, Fibroid too get problematic if the timely attention is delayed. Many women delay this thinking of the Fibroid Surgery risks. But most women are not aware that delay in Fibroid can affect their fertility, which is extremely burdening in the long run. This can happen because Fibroid can create obstruction in the Fallopian Tubes. Additionally, Fibroid are dangerous because they bring many difficult symptoms like severe abdominal pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, longer and painful periods, and many others.

Can Fibroid be cured?

Like any medical condition, Fibroid too brings its own share of pain and discomfort for the patients, but thanks to the advancement in healthcare, Fibroid can be cured. Much to the respite of the patients, there are many Fibroid removal options that are possible. It also depends on how early the Fibroid are detected, then Fibroid treatment without surgery is also possible. There is a variety of surgical approaches that are available to address the issue of Fibroid – Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Uterine Fibroid Embolization, Endometrial Embolization, and others.

What are the signs of fibroid shrinking?

The degeneration of Fibroid begins when they have grown so big that the blood vessels supplying blood to these are unable to supply any further oxygen and nutrients. Severe pain is the most commonly showing symptom during this process.

Another kind of degeneration is called Necrobiosis and mostly happens during pregnancy during which there is pelvic pain and fever and very rarely bleeding.

Can Fibroid be removed without operation?

As the medical field is advancing rapidly, there are many health conditions, for which many advanced forms of non-surgical treatment techniques are possible. Similarly, Uterine embolization is one of the very effective Fibroid removal options, which has become very popular. This is because most of us are afraid to get under the knife and this option has made possible Fibroid treatment without surgery.

In Uterine Embolization, Fibroid are shrunk by cutting off the blood supply. With the help of an X-ray image, a Catheter is passed via a tiny incision in the groin. The Catheter is guided till it reaches the main arteries that supply blood to the Uterus. Then small particles of inert plastic are injected to block these arteries. But Uterus is not affected as there are smaller arteries, which keep the blood flow going.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

Which Surgery is best for Fibroid?

Of all the Fibroid removal options possible today, Myomectomy is known for being one of the best treatments for Fibroid. Through this surgery, Fibroid can be eliminated without damaging or removing the healthy tissues of the Uterus. Further, this surgery is also best because the Fibroid can be removed without the need for removal of Uterus. So, women who have under this procedure can conceive and get long-term relief from Fibroid.

How much does Uterine Fibroid Embolization Cost?

The cost of any treatment or surgery depends a lot on how advanced the approach is. Uterine Fibroid Embolization is considered to be one of the best treatments for Fibroid and thus availed by many patients. Being one of the most sought after Fibroid removal options, it is important that it is affordable, but it is not the case in most of the countries. In India, however, it is priced very reasonably to match the budgets of the Indian as well as international patients. The Uterine Fibroid Embolization cost in India ranges between $3000 to $3,500, which is much lower than what it cost in countries like UK, USA or Singapore.

How long does it take to recover from Fibroid Surgery?

Although Fibroid are a very commonly occurring problem in women, however, it is important that the due attention is not delayed. This way, the right technique can be opted for. The span of recovery depends on the type of surgery chosen. It may vary from a few days to a several weeks. In more invasive forms of surgeries, the incisions are large as compared to the minimally invasive treatment approaches.

Is Surgery necessary for Fibroid?

As mentioned above, there are non-surgical treatment options possible today for Fibroid. However, the choice of treatment will depend on how early the Fibroid have been detected. If delayed for a long time, the patient might have to undergo a more invasive form of surgery, therefore it is better that if any symptoms come to the notice, the must be immediately brought to the notice of a doctor, so that Fibroid treatment with surgery can be performed.

With marvelous inventions occurring in the field of medicine, no matter how invasive or less invasive a surgery is, the safety and accuracy levels have gone higher as compared to previous times. This is a major boost to the confidence of thousands of women, who are apprehensive about reporting and getting cured of this health problem.

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