Brachytherapy Centres in India: New Hope for Cancer Patients

By | April 24, 2017

Brachytherapy Centres in India: Overview

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Brachytherapy for cancer, it is a complex procedure which comprises of placing radioactive material inside or near the tumor. In order to avert any complication(s), this surgery will need some extremely hi-tech equipment that is found with a number of hospitals. If you talk about procedure Brachytherapy for cancer, it is nothing but a procedure, which is popular among the global patients including the ones found from nations like Mozambique, Malawi and Angola. If you are considering the surgery brachytherapy for cancer, then groups like IndianMedguru is a leading medical tourism company, which helps a number of global patients offering high quality healthcare services. How about digging deep into procedures like Brachytherapy for cancer and try to know what role the group Indian Medguru has to play in giving high quality healthcare services in the following paragraphs:

Understanding the Procedure of Brachytherapy for Cancer

When you talk about the procedure Brachytherapy, it simply involves placing a radioactive material directly inside or close to the tumor. The term “Brachy” is Greek terminology meaning short and this procedure simply helps in using of a high dose of radiation that help in reducing the risk of damage seen close to the healthy tissue and thus boosting up the likelihood of the cancer that can be destroyed.  The doctors may place the Brachytherapy seeds inside a body cavity like the vagina, or insert seeds into the body tissue that employs the hollow needles. Brachytherapy for cancer may be used alone or can be used with radiation that is given externally. The radioactive seeds may be left permanently in a proper place or then remove after some time. Know more top class cancer treatment with  brachytherapy centres in India.

What Types of Cancer can be Treated by Brachytherapy?

When it comes to choosing the treatment options like brachytherapy for cancer, this procedure can help in treating cancers via the body, which include the following forms of cancer:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Gallbladder Carcinoma
  • Breast Cancer
  • Vaginal Cancer
  • Uterine Carcinoma
  • Lung Cancer
  • Eye Cancer
  • Rectum Cancer

The Brachytherapy for cancer is an effective option for a number of people who have been suffering from different forms of cancer, which include prostate cancer or cervical cancer, and can be preferred for some women who have uterine (endometrial) cancer. The doctors recommend Brachytherapy for a number of people who are seen at a risk for tumor re-growth in the upper vagina after removal of the uterus. Average cost of brachytherapy in India with top class brachytherapy centres in India which is $5,500 extensively lower cost than that of other countries like USA, UK and Singapore.

Brachytherapy Procedure in India

In Brachytherapy for cancer procedure the physicians are seen taking place the source of irradiation that is close to the tumor or within a body cavity. The procedure of Brachytherapy can include placing over the radioactive sources that is seen inside a body cavity like the vagina, or by simply putting radioactive material simply over the body tissue with the help of using hollow needles. The Brachytherapy for cancer may be given to external beam radiation, or it can be even used like the only form of radiotherapy. In some of the cases the radioactive sources can be permanently left in place; in other cases, these are then removed after a specified time. The placement of radioactive sources can be seen repeated for several times in some situations.

Why Choose Brachytherapy for Cancer in India?

India is known to have the best brachytherapy Centre which offers high quality Brachytherapy for cancer to the global patients coming far and wide from nations like Mozambique, Malawi and Angola. Also, the Indian hospitals have well-qualified and professional doctors, surgeons and medical staff who play a vital role in fixing the menace called Brachytherapy for cancer and thus ensure that the global patients get a very good support, which is hard to find out at any other place. All these factors have increased the market of medical tourism in India as here one can get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost.

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