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Best pituitary macroadenoma surgeons at hospitals of Bangalore in India

Mrs. Okoh from Nigeria I was in India for having a pituitary macroadenoma surgery by best pituitary macroadenoma surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India. I was very much depressed when I was diagnosed of having pituitary macroadenoma as I didn’t expected myself of having such a deadly disease. I didn’t know what to do? When I decided to go for a pituitary macroadenoma surgery, I had a choice between England,US and other developed countries. But two things deterred me - the long waiting period and  the cost. So I started looking for  suitable hospitals in other parts of the world and through my friend I came to know of Indianmedguru Consultants in India. I contacted them and collected all the necessary information. I talked to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and he explained me each and every thing related to my surgery. After communicating with him I got back my hope of being well again. When I reached India, I was received by Indianmedguru Consultants. They took me to the hospital where I met with the best pituitary  macroadenoma surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India and found he had the best qualifications, experience and expertise which any doctor in any best hospital would have, and he made me feel at ease. My experience with the pituitary macroadenoma surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India was awesome. The hospital was wonderful in terms of the doctors, services, the warmth and care of all the staff, the infrastructure which was at par with the world standards. Now I feel like I am a woman reborn. And more than that, I saved half of my money through this surgery, I enjoyed a holiday vacation at a resort near Bangalore and that gave me a very soothing effect mentally. Because of the best treatment provided by the best pituitary macroadenoma surgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India, I was feeling myself very fine. I am very much thankful to Dr.Bojwani and team for all the support and care.


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