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A Proud Mother’s Journey of Successful Fibroid Surgery in India

Senegal Patient Fibroid Surgery In India Patient Review

Fibroid surgery – Dr Veena Bhat

When you are in love and get married, everything looks romantic. You certainly look forward to having a baby. But, when your own body revolts against your wishes, you are left shattered. The most romantic act of sleeping with my own husband became a dreadful affair for both of us. I started bleeding heavily and sometimes, even between two menstrual cycles. It hit my social life badly. I was not able to spend much time anywhere and it certainly affected my work badly. It was due to the best treatment of Dr. Veena Bhat best gynecologist in India that now I am a healthy woman and also a mother of a beautiful child.

You must be wondering who I am and what it is all about. Well, sorry for not introducing myself at the very start. I am a woman from Senegal and my name is Maria. I got married after five years of courtship when I was 27. After two years of my married life, there was no sign of getting pregnant. I blamed it to our work-life initially and hoped and prayed and prayed. The things got worse when my back and lower abdomen started hurting and the time of menstruation became irregular, very painful and I used to feel as if I would die bleeding. We decided to see our doctor immediately.

My doctor suggested me getting a hormonal screening done. She also advised me an ultrasound of the lower abdomen. I waited eagerly for my results and went straight to her with my reports in hand. She told me – there were fibroids inside my uterus. More than 70% of females suffer from a condition called fibroids without knowing about it. This is because the condition is not visible in any form and stays undetected sometimes all through life.

My life had almost come to a stand-still as even the simple act like standing was resulting in heavy bleeding. I needed a solution immediately, I felt. I had married the love of my life and we were enjoying our lives together in all possible ways. We, like two people madly in love, wanted to have a baby as we had known each other for ten years now, including the period before marriage. But, whenever we indulged into intercourse, it turned out to be a nightmarish experience for me. All these changes in my sex life were disturbing us very badly. I wanted a solution for it, a permanent one.

“You have fibroids in your uterus”, the declaration from my gynecologist came upon me like a bolt from the blue. It hit me as if it was the end of the world. At the ripe age of 30, when I was desperately trying to have a baby, any issue with my reproductive system was quite a depressing thing to know. I was literally not ready for it. My gynecologist suggested going for a surgical procedure called laparoscopy.

If you are wondering what fibroid actually is and where it is found in our body, you must know that fibroid is a mass of tissue that develops in the female body in the uterus. This mass can develop on various locations of the uterus. On the basis of the location and the number of fibroids present, the patient may or may not require surgery.

Fibroids are treated by surgery when the symptoms like this make your life hell:

  • Lots and lots of bleeding during menstruation
  • Bleeding even in between the periods
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Urge to pee again and again
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in intercourse

She explained to me the procedure to be of minimally invasive nature. I came back home totally disheartened. My finances did not allow me to think of surgery of any kind. Moreover, I was entirely in different state of mind planning for the arrival of a new baby, which certainly had its own set of expenses. I really wanted a fast and affordable solution.

I confided in my closest friend who has seen my husband and me together from day one. She told me about medical tourism in India. The term caught my attention and I decided to find more about it. I googled about it and found that this certainly meant the end of worries without ripping the pocket apart. Medical tourism is the concept where people from various parts of the world come to India for getting surgeries done. Why India? It is because it is one of the countries where the medical treatments are world-class still the cheapest. Indian doctors serving on the panel of medical tourism companies are the best in their business and they are associated with high-class hospitals where the facilities of exceptional quality are made available to the patients and their attendant. What I found about medical tourism in India were some amazing facts:

  • Affordable fibroid surgery in India is almost less than half of what is available in other countries.
  • The medical tourism facility is availed by the millions of patients every year, and it is full of success stories.
  • The medical tourism companies provide end-to-end facility and assist the patients with medical visa, hotel stays, intracity transfers, doctor’s appointment, and so on.
  • It is as simple as getting treatments in one’s home city.

All this information made me quite helpful. I collected the information of about six medical tourism companies. One that I chose for my case was Indian Med Guru, a medical service provider. I owe my happiness completely to the God-sent angels working there. This medical tourism had empaneled very reputed doctors who were known for their experience and qualification. The company also stood apart in customer care and did all things possible to make my surgery as easy as a walk in the garden. I found their contact number from their website. The number rang. A very warm person attended to my call and spoke to me very briefly to know my purpose of calling. He transferred the call to a lady who took over in no time.

She greeted me very warmly and asked about my health. I told her what my doctor has diagnosed. I wanted to know if the surgery is what the Best Hospitals for Uterine Fibroids Surgery in India were recommending too. She answered these questions which I had prepared a lot many times in my mind:

  • How is Indian Med Guru Consultants going to support my surgery if required?
  • Who will be the doctors treating me?
  • Overall cost and period of stay

She was well-prepared with all the answers. She told me:

  • Indian Med Guru the medical service provider, provides full support. All I needed was to pick the doctor and tell them who I was accompanied by. They would arrange for the ticket and related procedures, medical visa of me and my one attendant, my hotel stay, doctor visit, surgery, etc.
  • I would be picking a doctor from the top 10 gynecologists in India list provided by them. All the doctors were well-qualified and experienced.
  • Cost and stay will depend upon the feedback by doctor comprising of suggested treatment.

She asked me to send her across my medical reports. I did it immediately as I wanted to start the process as soon as possible. My life was really in shambles and was breaking me mentally too, so I did not want any delay from my side. The lady at Indian Med Guru also was very prompt and could sense my vulnerability from my voice. She comforted me with very soothing words and asked me to keep the faith. She promised that she would get back to me the earliest possible and asked me to wait for two days. She eventually did report back to me and had a couple of good news with her.

“Yes, surgery is the only option available, madam!”, she told me. She shared with me the feedback of the doctors in India who also recommended the surgery as suggested by my gynae in Senegal. I was given a list of top 10 gynecologists in India to pick from and she suggested me doing complete research about them for my satisfaction. I read everything available about the doctors and picked Dr. Veena Bhat best gynecologist in India.

The lady at Indian Med Guru stayed in touch with me throughout my research time. She provided me with a lot of research material to know about the disease as well as the doctor. I did call her up many times enquiring various things meanwhile. I wanted to be clear on all points and she also understood my concerns and cooperated with me fully. She answered all my calls diligently and patiently and never ever was irritated or angry about my enquiries.

‘Dr. Veena Bhat is the best choice, madam!” She told me. She told that the doctor has been conferred with various awards of excellence of service and has no case ever gone bad. She congratulated me for my choice and further asked me to give details of mine as well as of my attendant. I told her that my husband would accompany me. She said okay and shared with me the list of documents, prescriptions, etc. required to get the medical visa and tickets done for my husband and me.



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I waited eagerly for the process to complete. The quote for the surgery was given to me upfront. They had the package designed for various kinds of procedures and she explained to me the packages in detail. Her prompt responses and in-depth knowledge made me feel better and confident about my decision to get uterine fibroid removal surgery in India. The expected time was very short in comparison to the time required for surgery in my country and the expenses were very less too. I was quite prepared for the cost due to my savings that I had accumulated over the years and my husband was doing well in his business too. We did some arrangements for cash in hand and other expenses and we were ready to go.

Finally, the day of my flying to India arrived. I was given the best seats on the plane exactly as per my medical condition. The journey was quite smooth and I arrived at New Delhi airport as per the scheduled time. When we arrived at the airport, a very friendly gentleman spotted us. His details were SMSed to us beforehand. He was another representative from FS Healthcare who was our coordinator for our stay and treatment. He rode us in a very comfortable sedan to luxury accommodation. We had opted for the serviced villa because of my condition as I needed a lot of privacy due to bleeding and pain in the back.

He gave us the appointment date of Dr Veena for uterine fibroid removal surgery in India which was available the very next day. I rested throughout the day and tried to stay calm. The ambience at the villa was very welcoming and it really soothed my mind to a great extent. I was still anxious about the outcome of my meeting with the doctor.

We went to the doctor the next day. It was around 10:30 am. The doctor had already been waiting for us in her chamber. She was a very warm lady and had something special about the way she talked to us and treated us. She comforted me and asked me to relax completely. She talked to me at length and noted all the important things related to my health vitals. Thankfully, I was not suffering from any chronic conditions like asthma, BP or diabetes which could affect my surgery, she told us. I asked her:

  • Are there any risks associated with surgery?
  • How much time will it take to recover?
  • Will there be any side-effects?
  • Will I be able to have normal sex life and pregnancy after surgery?

She answered all my questions patiently. She seemed to be knowing everything about the disease and the procedure required. She told me:

  • Laparoscopy is a very simple, short and risk-free surgical procedure in which the fibroids are removed in a minimal invasive way.
  • She had done several surgeries of such nature in the past and my overall health condition was good too. So, there were no risks involved.
  • She assured me that the surgery did not require longer stay in hospital and had a very small recovery period.
  • She also told me that since there was no tampering or removal done with any part of the reproductive system, my conceiving capabilities will not alter after surgery.

She further explained to me various forms of fibroids. My fibroid was peduncular one, she explained and showed me the video of the procedure. The overall process looked very easy. She told me to get some tests done which were handled easily at the hospital itself. She explained to me some preparations required before surgery which were related to my diet, sleep, etc. I followed all the instructions diligently. My surgery day was just two days after. This short waiting time still looked years apart as I just wanted to get the surgery done really fast. My doctor told me:

  • Laparoscopy is needed when the fibroids are smaller and fewer in number. In my case, they were just 2-3.
  • The procedure included making cut in the belly and inserting of the telescope that would let her see my uterus and inside of the pelvis.
  • Then, a tool meant for cutting and removing the fibroids was to be inserted. The procedure was to be robotically executed.

All this information really helped me make my mind for the procedure. I was to be given general anesthesia. I was even tested for certain allergic reactions. The doctor was very particular and concerning about all the precautionary measures. Her way of handling me and my mental stress actually proved why she was considered the best in the field. She took all the necessary precautions to ensure that there were no last-minute surprises on the surgery day.

The day of my surgery arrived. I was taken to the operation room while my husband waited outside. My doctor told me not to worry at all and suggested me to take the procedure as a small sleeping session. I asked her about the time it will require to come back to senses and about the stay. She told me what was applicable and confirmed to me that I could go back to the hotel the same day, it was that simple and swift procedure.

Indian Med Guru representative took very good care of my husband when I was away to the operation room. He arranged for his meals and beverages at the hospital café itself as per his preferences. He was taken to a very comfortable lounge where there were many attendants. The environment made my husband quite relaxed. Finally, the surgery was over. I came back to senses about an hour after.

I was first shifted to ICU, where my doctor was present to inquire about my condition and to perform some post-operation tests. She stayed with me for a while and instructed the nurse regarding all my medications. The attending staff was very helpful and empathetic. They let me rest a lot and inquired about my health often throughout the stay. In the evening, my doctor came again to see me. She made me walk. She also asked me to pee. When she was fully satisfied with all of my functions, she asked my husband to meet me and made us sit together to explain things further.

She told us to see my gynae in Senegal when the next menstrual cycle sets in. She gave her number to me and asked me to talk to her or WhatsApp her whenever required. She also asked me to let my doctor talk to her when I go for a check-up.

My bleeding certainly stopped after surgery and I started feeling strong. Dr Veena, with her excellent treatment, not only saved my life but the happiness of my life too. Her dedication to her work and the complete guidance made me the woman again that my husband loved. I became more confident and self-assured and started going for social gatherings often. We were asked to wait for about six months before trying again for the baby. We certainly followed whatever was told to us as it was the matter of our happiness and also for the plans to have our baby soon.

All thanks to Indian Med Guru, the medical service provider and Dr Veena with fibroid surgery success rate in India that I, as we speak today, is a proud mother of a three-year-old girl. She is the centre of my world and a beautiful reminder of the fact that life finds its way no matter how difficult the path could be. It was only due to the best services of the hospital, the doctor Veena and the medical tourism company. Indian Med Guru Consultants with affordable fibroid surgery India that our life has become picture-perfect. Whenever I think of those days, I spent in India, it brings back to me the memories of only the beautiful people and their positive attitude that helped me in all possible ways to get rid of a dreaded ailment and eventually embrace motherhood.




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