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Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction is a method for treating malefactor infertility that allows couples who might otherwise remain childless to achieve pregnancy. MicroTESE is a microsurgical method for obtaining sperm from a male who does not have sperm in his ejaculate (azoospermia), particularly in males who do not have a blockage in their reproductive tract (non-obstructive azoospermia).

Many of these patients were previously considered to have no options for assisted reproduction. Because an operating microscope is use for the procedure, microTESE allows the identification of sperm-containing regions of the testicle, in individual seminiferous tubules, and the removal of sperm directly from these regions.

Since the sperm that are obtained from the microTESE procedure freeze very poorly, the procedure needs to be done the day prior to egg retrieval from the partner, so the partner must be under the care of a female fertility specialist. It is also possible that sperm may not be found during microTESE.

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