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Fallopian Tube Recanalisation

This is relatively new technique which has been successfully offered by us to our patients in whom the woman is suffering from bilateral tubal blocks. In this an Xray of the uterus (called Hysterosalpingography) is performed, using a dye. This is carried out with the aid of an advanced Xray machine called the image intensifier. In patients who demonstrate a tubal block on Xray, a guide wire or a balloon is passed to the area of tubal blockage & the block is opened up. By this procedure, about 80 % of women have at least one tube successfully opened. About 20 -30 % achieve pregnancy at the end of 6 months. If the woman still does not achieve pregnancy, she will need to undergo IVF.

This technique is suitable for women in whom there is blockage of tubes due to simple infections. One of the prerequisites of this procedure is that the tubes should be normal in appearance at the time of Laproscopy. Furthermore this can't be offered to patients in whom there is a blockage at the Fimbrial end of the tube called Hydrosalpinx. It is also unsuccessful in those women who have blocked tubes following tuberculosis of the genitalia.

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