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Cumulus Aided Transfer

CAT (Cumulus Aided Transfer)

An innovation developed for the first time in the world has dramatically increased the success of Assisted Reproduction (IVF/ICSI). The technique known as CAT (cumulus-aided embryo transfer), has been developed by Dr. Firuza Parikh and her team at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai.

Doctors describes the technique as follows, "We have harnessed nature to improve pregnancy rates. The embryos are transferred into the uterus along with cumulus cells. These cells surround the oocyte at the time of ovulation. After oocyte retrieval, the cumulus cells are usually discarded. Instead, we allow them to grow in the laboratory as the cells are rich in factors, which facilitate the growth of embryos. At the time of embryo transfer, droplets of cumulus cells are added to the embryos." The technique was carried out on 507 women, more than half of whom had failed IVF attempts in the past. In this group of women pregnancy rates increased to 46%.

CAT is especially useful in cases with previous unsuccessful IVF attempts, in older women and in cases where few oocytes are obtained. Scientific data on this procedure has recently been published in the prestigious and leading international  scientific journal called Fertility Sterility (October 2006) as a Front Page Article.

Dr. Parikh adds that "IVF is not merely a science, it is also a meticulous art. You look into the little details, work with nature instead of trying to outsmart it and always strive towards improving pregnancy rates - CAT is a movement in that direction."

More than 2300 babies from 35 different countries have been born with the help of advanced ART procedures carried out by the Jaslok team, making it one of the leading centers of the world.
Increased Success with CAT


Study Group A
(with CAT)

Control Group B
(with CAT)

p value

Pregnancy Rates

46 %


P < 0.01

Implantation Rates

27 %


P < 0.001

CAT - Cumulus Aided  Embryo Transfer
A Day 3 embryo completely immobilized by the encroaching expanding cumulus cell colonies. Interlacing dendritic processes seen.

CAT - Cumulus Aided  Embryo Transfer
Visualization of a single dendritic process (indicated by an arrow) of the cumulus cell extending towards the cleaving embryo.


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