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The Surrogate Mothers

The Surrogate Mother takes pleasure in giving the greatest gift of her life... a child who will be forever cherished and loved. Most of these special women are married and they all receive the full support of their husbands. Some women are working mothers while others are stay-at-home moms. One thing they all have in common is despite their busy schedules, they are willing to make the effort and endure the inconveniences of the surrogacy arrangement while opening their hearts & homes to their Couple so they can experience the pregnancy together.

Pam and Surrogate Mother Samantha spend some quality time together

The Surrogate Mother applicants must first meet basic age, health and lifestyle requirements before they are eligible to enter the screening process. The psychological screening process is rigorous. A criminal background check is performed by an independent investigator and an extensive drug and alcohol analysis is performed on all applicants. The Surrogate Mother and her husband are interviewed in their home, as their living conditions are also a consideration in the screening process. Typically, only 50% of the Surrogate Mother applicants are finally cleared into the program. We are very selective in our screening process to ensure that the Surrogate Mother applicants and the Intended Parents have the skills to adequately cope with the demands of a Surrogacy Arrangement.

Below is a list of basic qualifications for the Surrogate Mothers:

  • Delivered at Least One Child with No Complications
  • Between the Ages of 21 and 40
  • Height and Weight Ratio Appropriate
  • Excellent Health
  • All Ethnic Backgrounds Accepted
  • Be a Resident of Southern California
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