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British citizen in India got his Cardiac Bypass Surgery at a reasonable price

British citizen cardiac bypass surgery,British citizen cardiac bypass surgery India,reasonable price cardiac bypass surgery

reasonable cardiac bypass surgery India,British citizen surgery,British surgeon surgery India Hello. I am John. Being a British citizen, I was considering getting my Cardiac Bypass Surgery in my own country. But since the wait list was too long, I decided to go to India. I checked out newspapers, magazines, browsed the internet and finally came across an advertisement on television about Indian Medguru Group. It was exactly what I was looking for. So without wasting any time I called them up. I also checked out their official website.

I was pleased to see so many testimonials from British citizens on their website. A lot of British citizens are coming to India for their medical treatments because of low cost and high quality medical care. Another reason why British citizens come to India is because of the long wait list. In India there is hardly any wait list and priority treatment is given. At the hospital there a lot of British citizens who had come for their medical treatments. I got a very good feedback from them. My Cardiac Bypass Surgery was performed successfully by a team of highly expert Cardiac Surgeons. I am very happy with the results. I would suggest all the British citizens to get their medical treatment in India.

Thank you,

United Kingdom


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British citizen cardiac bypass surgery, British citizen cardiac bypass surgery India, reasonable price cardiac bypass surgery, reasonable cardiac bypass surgery India, British citizen surgery, British surgeon surgery India, British citizen bypass surgery India