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Brachytherapy Centres in India: New Hope for Cancer Patients

Brachytherapy Centres in India: Overview Brachytherapy for cancer, it is a complex procedure which comprises of placing radioactive material inside or near the tumor. In order to avert any complication(s), this surgery will need some extremely hi-tech equipment that is found with a number of hospitals. If you talk about procedure Brachytherapy for cancer, it… Read More »

Advanced and Affordable Whipple Surgery Cost in India

What is Whipple Surgery? Before we discuss the Whipple surgery cost in India, time to understand the surgery. Well the Whipple surgery is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the head of the pancreas (the lower end of the stomach), duodenum, the common bile duct, lymph nodes surrounding gall bladder and gall bladder… Read More »

How much Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treatment COST in India?

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Overview Before we talk about Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment cost in India, let’s understand the ailment. Well, Lymphoma is a kind of blood Cancer, which simply occurs when lymphocytes white blood cells, which are seen helping to secure the body from infection and disease, start behaving in an abnormal fashion. The abnormal may simply… Read More »

Why Best Surgeons in India is on Top Priority at Mumbai, Goa and Delhi?

Best Surgeons in India – Overview The best surgeons in India are trained at the most prestigious medical institutions from across the globe. They are highly qualified and skilled in performing the most complex medical cases. They are professionals who are well versed with the patient bedside mannerisms and are kind as well as caring.… Read More »

Fibroids In Children: Facts To Know This Children’s Day!

Planning your medical trip to India is a very simple process with Indian Med Guru Consultants You just need to fill in our enquiry form and one of our executives will contact you soon. +91-9371136499 Call us at the given contact number for any assistance. Complete information regarding surgery is provided on our website. We often… Read More »

Infertility Treatment India

Motherhood is a feeling that can only be felt and not explained. And infertility is a medical condition that deprives a woman of this worldly feeling (well, biologically). Infertility is a disorder that affects men and women alike, resulting in failure to become biological parents. In many cultures around the world, conceiving a child is… Read More »

Just in time- Fibroid Surgery India

Overview : Fibroid Surgery India Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors growing from the muscle layers of the uterus. Fibroids are smooth muscle growths, and can vary in size, like, from a bean to as large as a melon. Fibroids sometimes cause misunderstanding, and it is vital very important to understand the condition and its severity. Also referred… Read More »